Indians have been involved with betting of some sort since the very early history of the civilization, and thus it is only to be expected of the people to take to online gambling in India as the facility was being introduced to the country. But there are broader issues involved in trying to use the more common online gaming and gambling sites. Of late, the changes that were introduced in the offshore banking regulations only further facilitates the use of internet gambling in the country.

Although as a general rule, the Indian population is taken in by betting and it is possible to find all sorts of bets being put out. Most major sporting events are replete with instances of betting happening on the outcomes and this is done after taking due steps to retain anonymity.

How to use online sites for gambling

The beauty and the broader acceptance of the internet as a medium of communication, stems from the fact that it can be accessed from any corner of the world and right around the clock. So there really is no physical barrier to taking part in gambling activities being hosted by a number of websites that are dedicated to betting and gaming activities.

What would be significant here would be the need to have a means of conducting transactions over the internet. Commonly it is the use of credit cards that more or less enables deals to be done on the internet. One of the hurdles to more Indians taking to online gambling in India has to do with the very issue of lack of credit card penetration in the country.

It is best to consider the lack of card transactions as a habit of the Indians to use cash as far as possible. The entire economy has been dependant on physical means of exchanging currency, and this brings with it the added baggage of the informal methods of finance open to the different sections of society.

Steps to provide an Indian flavor to online transactions

As has been pointed out that the Indians are one of the least accessible of folks to credit cards and it became necessary to be inventive to get more people to participate in online transactions. One of the simple ways this was made possible was by utilizing debit cards which were three and four-fold in use in the country. The more active banks introduced facilities like EMI on debit cards which were a novelty of the times.

Another means of paying for goods on the internet was by using the facility of net banking or internet banking. Most banks in the country to have the facility of internet banking and this is set to grow still further with most co-operative banks too taking to online banking options.

Further, the introduction of payment wallets has also added another option to use while transacting online. As future developments of technology are applied to banking and online transactions, it would soon be that there would be still more facilities on hand to effect digital payments.

Accessing online gambling in India

It is entirely possible to conduct an internet search to find the most popular and the more prominent online gambling operations in the country. Some of the better-used sites might need some kind of reference before a member can be allowed to use their facilities. For those involved in gambling activities, finding a person within the network who could act as a reference, is not that a problem at any time.

Once an application is moved to join a gambling site, the next step is to verify the identity of the customer.  Some identity documents can establish the bona fide of the new customer, and they would need to be produced at the relevant facilities.

To ensure that only the quality online gambling sites are used, it would be a good idea to check on the review points left by previous customers. This does ensure a minimum set of operational standards, and here it would be wise to check the timeline during which the review was done. Thus the client can be assured of getting hold of only the latest and the most recent conditions of the website.

There are third party sites that do conduct a review of the various avenues to online gambling in India. The first step should be to verify the authority of the audit site and to ensure that they do follow an excellent verifiable step to the certification.


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