One of the simplest ways to make sure that you can successfully gatecrash a party is to dress appropriately, at the very least. This will help you blend in with the other guests and you stand a better chance of not being found out.


Now, Jesus loved using parables to reveal things and in Matt 22: 1-14 (also Luke 14: 15-24), he tells His disciples an interesting story to describe the Kingdom of heaven.


There is a king who is holding a wedding party for his son. The king sends out his servants to deliver special invites (RSVP only) to a small select group of people. These invited guests, however, refuse to attend. They tell the king’s servants that they have other more pressing matters to attend to – businesses to run, farms to plough, and land deals to transact. In other words, what they are trying to say is that the king’s party is whack and not worth their time. To make things worse, some of these special guests even have the nerve to beat and kill the king’s servants.


Angered by their insolent responses and the murder of his servants, the king sends out an army to punish the guests and burn their city. But what is a wedding party without guests? Can’t have an empty dance floor can you? So the king sends out his servants once again. This time, he instructs them to go out into the streets and back alleys and tell every Tom, Dick, and Harry that there is a wedding feast already prepared and they are invited to attend.


The servants bring in all kinds of people – honest people as well as criminals; the healthy as well as the sick. Before you know it, the party is filled with paupers, thieves, murderers, cripples, the blind, and the like. A bunch of nobodies who are simply undeserving of an invite!


So the king is going around mingling and hobnobbing with the “high and mighty” guests when, out of the corner of his eye, he spots a dude who sticks out like a sore thumb. Well, considering that the guests were a mishmash of sore thumbs, there must have been something seriously wrong with this dude for him to be noticed by the king.


The king swaggers over to the man and politely asks him why he wasn’t appropriately dressed for the party. The dude, unable to muster an excuse, is dealt with the same way any gatecrasher would be handled – the king’s bouncers toss him out! The Bible says that he is thrown out to a place of darkness where people cry and grit their teeth.


So what is this story trying to reveal to us?


God has prepared a wedding feast for His son, Jesus Christ. The special guests who were invited refer to the Israelites, but they kept rejecting what God had offered them and chased after false gods instead. They ignored, beat up, and even killed the prophets who were sent to tell them to repent. This is why God allowed foreign armies to invade their land and destroy their cities.


God, in His infinite love and grace, then decided to adopt the gentiles into the kingdom. Jesus died on the cross so that everyone could have the chance to come into the kingdom of God. There is no discrimination. We are all undeserving but have been graciously invited to partake in the wedding feast. All you have to do is make Jesus your Lord and Savior. 


However, as is apparent in the story, before you sit down and eat at the wedding feast of the lamb, you must be dressed right. You see, there is a wedding garment that each believer receives when they are born again. No, this is not physical clothing. It is a heart garment. The garment is as white as snow because it has been made spotless by the blood of the lamb. All your sins are washed away. This is what every guest received from the servants when they accepted the invite. You can’t step up to the Father with your filthy rags. You need a special garment.


So what happened to the dude’s garment? Somewhere along the way, he must have stained his wedding garment. As a believer, sin stains your garment, and some sins leave a bigger stain than others (free your spirit). The problem comes in when you don’t repent of those sins. They stay on your garment, and though you may not notice them, they are spiritually discernible. Can we honestly say right now that the wedding garments we received are still spotless?


The truth is that there is a real wedding feast coming, and Jesus is the groom, and we are supposed to be the bride. This is what the rapture is all about. Only those who have stuck close to Jesus and allowed Holy Spirit to reveal to them their stains will get to sit down and dine with the Lord.


And what if your garment is still stained? Well, the Bible talks about a tribulation period where many will suffer terribly.   


Though many have been called into the kingdom, few will be chosen to attend the wedding feast. Let us all pray and ask God to help us with our weaknesses every day. Let us all approach the Throne of Grace with repentance, obedience, humility, and brokenness. He loves us and wants us all to make it!






Published by Kevin Omz