Our century has opened the world for almost everyone to be able to travel or if you rather prefer to stay at home, then live a life you are comfortable with. The way it has become possible is the internet. Here is how you can get a remote job in five easy steps

1. 'Write down what you're good at'

It is important to have a clear picture of yourself and find your strengths. If you are tech-savvy, then coding, web design or similar computer (software) related jobs will help you find a remote job. If you are good with people, have good organizational skills, think about becoming a remote PA. There are many other opportunities, you can turn your passion into money, become a writer, photographer, video editor etc to earn money from wherever you are.

2. 'register '

One is able to put your skills into words, turn them into money by starting up on sites that help connect people in need with people with skills. Create a profile on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com, Skillshare, and let's get the money making started.

3. 'Consider moving to a cheaper country'

 It is always easier to startup without the pressure of having to make "big" money right away. If you have a small fund to work with, it is not a bad idea to move to a financially less pressuring country. There are many beautiful and fun countries where you would spend less than $400 a month for accommodation, necessities and you can even have fun.

4. 'Make your CV to stand out'

You can take free & cheap online courses from top universities that will make your CV make more interesting while actually learning something or gaining an additional skill. On Edex or Udemy you can get an amazing education for free or very little investment.

5. 'Get ready to work for it... really hard'

Go out and contact companies by yourself. It is sort of difficult to convince an employer to hire you to a regular position as there is quite a competition, not to mention to convince someone to approach this role from a completely different aspect. despite more and more employers are opening up to the remotely hired workforce, the majority is still skeptic. It is, however, a much more economical way of growing a business, so you have every reason to be confident!

A useful website I came across not long ago, is asianacircus.com, where I have found a lot of interesting information on how to start working remotely, how to move to other countries and overall many interesting topics that helped me become a digital nomad, who now is able to spend half a year only with traveling. Good luck with your new venture!

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