Thinking of traveling to the United States? Preparing everything to travel to the United States for tourism? If you are thinking of having a trip to the USA and are not sure how to obtain a visa then I bring you 5 tips to get a Visitor Visa United States.

First step: Form DS-160

In this guide I am going to explain to you how is the procedure to obtain the B1 / B2 tourist visa, there are other types of visas but the procedure and documentation are different. For the tourist visa, you will have to fill out the form DS-160, this is done through the official website of the embassy, before you start you must have your current passport in hand (and the expired ones too) because it will ask you for information.

Second step: Pay the fee

Before requesting the interviews you must pay a mandatory fee of 160 dollars or its equivalent in your currency, this can be done from the embassy's website (in the previous step it will give you the option at the end) with your credit card.

Third step: Schedule interviews

To schedule the interviews you must enter the website that the embassy has specially made for that purpose, you must have your identification number on hand. On that website, you must create a new user with your email address and a new password before you can schedule the interviews.

Fourth step: Attend the first interview

It is important that you go well dressed, combed and shaved, the prolixity and good presence is essential to grant you the visa, this is not an interview as such, here you will only get the photo that will then go on the visa if they give it to you and they will check the documentation to make sure it is all right and that there are no problems due to missing documentation in the interview with the consul, even so they will ask you some questions such as "What is the purpose of the trip?" and "Is this the first time you travel to the United States?" These are the two questions they asked me.

When entering you will go through security control, you can not enter with metallic objects or food, in this case, they allow you to enter with the cell phone but switched off (and you have to turn it off in front of them).

Once you pass the security control you should go to the counter, that's where they ask you the questions that I mentioned before, they will ask for the confirmation sheet of form DS-160 and the passport, if everything is ok they will make you pass to the waiting room where you will be called to one of the boxes to take the photo.

Fifth step: Attend the interview at the United States Embassy

You must arrive at the embassy with no less than 15 minutes in advance. When the time arrives a person from the embassy will ask for the documentation in the row you are in and will take you to the first step, in total there are 4 steps: Delivery of documentation, Security control, Fingerprinting and Interview with the consul.

Each of these steps is perfectly marked, you just have to make sure you always go with the passport in hand and the confirmation sheet of form DS-160.

During the interview, always keep smiling, in a good mood and friendly, that your answers are concrete and short. But always remember to answer with sincerity and be sure of what you are answering.

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Published by Julia Morison