There are some car insurance premiums that are priced very high because of various reasons that make sense. For example, you live in an area wherein cars get broken into often. You know that car-related crimes are rampant in your area and the car insurance company like General, knows it too. You may have a car that is more expensive compared to the other cars that are normally insured. Your car has a lot more value so you have to pay more for it.

Then there are things that car insurance companies may state that will sound weird to a lot of people. There are some insurance companies that believe doctors should pay more for their car insurance regardless of their vehicles because they get into accidents more often. This may be because of the emergency situations that they face often. It gets even weirder. Some insurance companies believe that your zodiac sign will say a lot about how often you would get into accidents.

There are different things that insurance companies may base the amount that you have to pay for every month:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Job
  • Postal Code or Your Location
  • Where You Park Your Vehicle

There will also be some car insurance companies who will be keen to know where you usually drive your car. If you drive in areas that they consider to be unsafe for your vehicle, expect that the amount you have to pay will be raised. This is not very ideal for you especially if you have are trying to keep your insurance within your car budget.

Do not worry as there are some things that you can do to get cheap general car insurance in 2018.

  1. Make sure that you will choose the right job title. It was mentioned earlier that your job will play a role on how much you are going to pay. For example, if you place manager as your job title, expect that you will pay more as compared to those who have placed office staff as their job title. Now is not the right time to boast about your accomplishments. Take a look at the category where your job fits in and choose the right job title.
  2. If you need to add someone to your policy, make sure that you will choose someone who is more experienced and is a better driver than you. This will lower the costs that you have to pay because the insurance company will trust the better driver more. You need to get the permission of the person that you would list as your secondary driver though. If you do not do this, you may encounter some problems in the future.
  3. Plan on getting the car insurance ahead of time. Getting a car insurance policy from General is not something that you can do suddenly. You need to make an effort to learn more about the insurance company and the various plans that are being offered. Some insurance companies may even give discounts that will be very useful for you.
  4. Pay a large amount of money for your car insurance policy upfront. This is to prevent paying a large amount of money for your car insurance every month. There are also some drivers who would prefer to pay annually as compared to monthly as this is the least expensive option. If you can afford this, then do it. It will allow you to have some money for your other expenses.
  5. Check the add-ons before you sign up for the car insurance plan. Some of the add-ons are going to be vital for you. For example, there are some teenagers in your area who love throwing rocks on windshields for fun, you can get windshield protection as part of your car insurance policy. Some of the add-ons that you do not need can be removed easily.

Do you think you are ready to get the cheapest car insurance from General this 2018? Consider the tips mentioned above to help you out. 

Published by knorr kendra