Whether you are gluten free by choice or for health reasons or because your body dictates it, its hard to know how to ensure you can get enough carbs into your daily fuel to power your body as an athlete! Believe it or not, but carbs are just as important as any other nutrient when it comes to fuelling our bodies. There’s a reason we need to lead a balanced lifestyle, without cutting out any of the vital food groups!

So how do your ensure you get enough carbs in when you are Gluten Free? Here’s a list of our top 5 Gluten-Free Carb-rich foods help you fuel your training, and boost your carbs during Carb-loading week:

  1. Brown Rice

Brown rice and white rice contain pretty much the same amount of nutrient values. However, brown rice is the wholegrain, which means it has a much higher bran, fibre and vitamin content than white rice….which is why it is considered a more healthier option.

Add a Brown Rice salad as a snack or a side to your lunch and utilise it as an accompaniment for your dinners!!

2. Corn Products!!

Corn is a perfect replacement for wheat in your daily fuel! And there are so many corn products on the market these days! Corn tortillas for Fajitas, Burritos or Chicken salad wraps etc. Corn is rich in complex carbohydrates so keeping you fuller for longer!

3. Alternative Pastas!

There are so many alternative pastas out there now that are amazing!! Rice, Quinoa, Vegetable, Buckwheat; there are so many to choose from!!  Rice and Buckwheat versions are packed full of carb goodness. Its also good to keep an eye out for added vitamins and minerals in these products to supplement your wheat free diet.

4. ‘Spuds’ or Potatoes 

The humble potato is a little powerhouse when it comes to carbs. 1 medium potato contains 37g of carb! It is also packed with Potassium; great for endurance athletes! So stock up on these versatile little powerhouses because there’s so many ways to use them! Wedges/chips, roasted, baked potato, mash…. whatever you want to do with them basically!

5. Quinoa

I know, I know, everyone is talking about quinoa this and quinoa that….but honestly, it is a pretty amazing little grain! 1 portion packs a punch with 39g of carbs and 8g of protein!! There are so many ways to have it too! Breakfast as an oats alternative, lunch as a salad, dinner as an accompaniment, there are even desserts with this little gem!!

There are so many options available to us nowadays to help with our carb intake, and trust me, carbs are super important to your body as an athlete. Failure to take on sufficient carbs can leave you feeling fatigued and overwhelmed in your training as you wont have enough ‘fuel in the tank’ to power on through! Your muscles need it! Your body needs it!

Check out some of our recipes below:



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Published by Ber Carton