Twitter, founded 12 years ago is among the main social network and news platforms coming in second on the most popular list after Facebook. Owned by an American online news and social networking service, users are able to interact with each other using messages referred to as tweets.

The tweets are visible to anyone by default but the sender can restrict those who view their messages to only those who have followed them. For you to pass any message to as many people as possible, you need many followers. We dedicated our time and research to discuss several ways you can get free twitter followers.

Twitter is a powerful tool for business, politics, social life and the like. However, to be effective, you need to have many followers. Below are ways to get free twitter followers.

1. Follow more people

According to research by the twitter development team, there is a relationship between following many people and having more people follow you in return. However, this does not really work for prominent people or those in positions of power because their publicity already sells them out.

2. Include Links

Whether you are tweeting about your business, news, politics or just gossip, as long as you use links in your twitter messages, you are more likely than not to have more people following you. This is because a link directs you to the exact site of your story or news and people can read the information in details better through your link.

One can also request for retweets right below the link. People will retweet your messages and this increases the number of people who will want to follow you.

3. Images

Having images in your tweets has a higher chance of getting you more followers than not. This is because images tend to attract the eye and are more engaging than words. Images also help in explaining your tweet better so people can easily understand. Clarity of the images and appropriateness also matters depending on the tweet you have.

4. Advertisement

This is among the best ways that you can ensure new followers for your tweeter account. First, get content that will attract many people like motivational quotes, talk about emerging issues in society and the like. People will likely follow you more if you seem to solve a certain problem that is common to many. Advertise your twitter handle on other social media platforms and you are sure to get more followers.

5. Participate

Whether it is a public talk, gossip, political views or religious views being discussed on Twitter, then you need to participate more. However, this has to go hand in hand with being creative and posting relevant information to the topic in discussion. If there is none already happening, you can start one but be sure it is a topic that will catch the attention of many. If you respond in a relevant way and your participation is noticeable, then you definitely will have more followers.

Final Words

Twitter is used by many people for various reasons because people's interests vary from one person to the other. If you want to have more followers on twitter for business, politics or any other personal agenda then the number one rule to follow is tweet more in relation to your agenda.

Published by Joseph Nicholls