Has it yet occurred to anybody that all of social media is trending abs and flat stomachs.  Both males and females are chiming in on this 6 pack abs ordeal and making money from being able to tell people how to have stomach like theirs.  Whenever I am on social media anymore, it seems like more people are concerned with their abs than any other part of their bodies and not mention is seems to be the hardest part of the body to "perfect" for tons of people. I won't lie looking at someone who has a 6 pack or nice flat stomach isn't such a bad look, but I don't want people to think it is the "must" in the world just because everyone is hopping on this particular bandwagon.  In my opinion, I believe having the "perfect" core depends much on your genetics and how much work you put into it. Most people have abs and don't know it because it is under the fat in their abdominal area and without losing that fat, you won't see it essentially.  While losing the weight shouldn't be too difficult its the aftermath, being able to do core strength exercises so that your abs are more prevalent and can be seen without having to flex. So people want to know the secret on how to get a flat stomach and/or a nice 6 pack: 

Strength training &

Cardiovascular exerciseou

but, along with these 2 things that hardly people do together or enough of.. 

Eating habits make the biggest difference in the body

Most people with abs or a nice flat stomach have a low body fat percentage & when it comes to wanting to look like the crossfitters, the gymst, and wanting to have the same body as your personal trainer .. you have to consider their body fat percentage. To make your abs stand out, you really need to be able to lower your body fat percentage and how that is done is through proper eating habits and combing strength training with cardiovascular exercises. 

I hate to mention this again, but believe it or not genetics does play a role in being able to have the "perfect" set of abs because not everyone is destined to have a 6 pack; but you can definitely prove your genetics wrong.. if you discipline yourself enough to the point where you properly meal plan and exercise your core.  I personally do not have a 6 pack any longer, but I would say my stomach is flat but not "lean" , my body fat percentage isn't blow 20 percent yet, but close. I have more things I need to do before I am there yet but train hard & eat properly; you will get that much closer.

The other half of this.. 

You don't need a 6 pack or flat stomach to be "fit", it doesn't have to come down to you starving yourself to get your body fat percentage down. I personally liked having my abs and flat stomach but it was because it was something I LIKED not because everyone else was doing it and I felt the need to follow along. I believe the pressures we have put on others to follow the same path as us is ridiculous; if having a decent stomach is good enough for you, it is good enough for me. I always said its not what you look like, it is being "healthy" inside and outside that matters to me & that is what I will preach to my clients as well. We might have physical goals ( I know I do) but the only standards it needs to stand up to are your own. Keep this in mind in everything you do. 

I hope this helps and gives you some perspective on having abs and flat stomach. Feel free to contact me if you have questions!

Shay-lon xoxo

Published by Shay-Lon Moss