Metallic lipsticks and lip glosses are a huge trend along with the matte ones. I will be uploading more tips on lip colors including how to mattify your lipstick, but today I will be sharing with you how to DIY metallic ones! 

Step 1: Get a color you like and estimate that it will finally get a couple of shades lighter than what it already is. Let's say I get a red one, I will eventually come up with a pink/fuchsia one. In the photos below I have used a black and a deep purple lipstick. 

Step 2: Grab an eyeshadow that you use for highlighting your eyes, or even a highlighter (one as strong as it can be). This color has to be metallic-almost white- that is why I find it better to use a metallic white eyeshadow. 

Step 3: Take one of those little sponge brushes that come in the eyeshadow kits and after you 've grabbed some highlighter you slide it on your lips until they get the metallic effect you want. 

Note: The eyeshadow or highlighter you are going to use keep in mind that is a powder, which means that it will dry your lips(especially if it involves talc). Thus, moisture your lips well beforehand and also apply some colorless balm afterwards if needed.

Let's get metallic babies! xx

Published by Christina Lag