I know that sometimes I get in a bit of a rut and find excuses not to read like “Oh I have too much homework” “I can finally take a nap.” or the classic “It’s Netflix time!”


But then I usually have a nagging feeling in the back of my head that I HAVE to finish the book that I started to read. And in a way I hate that, it makes reading feel like a chore and that is the opposite of what I would ever want. However whenever I pick up a book and begin to delve into the pages, I’m reminded of why I love reading again. It’s something about being able to turn the page (or tap next on my Kindle) and get immersed in the story and forget reality for a little bit. I get to go n the adventures with the main characters and laugh and cry with them and I get to feel more emotions than “Wow, I forgot to write my paper that’s due tomorrow” and than freak out for a bit.

Sometimes it’s nice to just set aside a day, usually a weekend for me, and put on my comfiest clothes (which consists of sweatpants and a sweatshirt), make a cup of coffee, and put on the Outlander soundtrack then relax with a book or two at my side. I know that once I finally start reading at least a good 10 pages, I’ll be sucked in for maybe an hour or two.

This makes me realize how much I should value the down time I have to be able to pick up one of my unread or half read books and finish the story. So instead of watching that extra episode of whatever tv show it is on Netflix to try and avoid the guilty of not reading, I need to just pick up a book and lose myself. I know that I’ll never regret it.

Published by Marisa Morgan