Break-ups are always difficult. Even if things ended relatively well, getting over the hurt and moving on can be a challenge. If you want things to stay amicable, you might be acting in ways that seem nice and friendly, but this draws out the process of getting over someone. If things ended badly, the process can be drawn out. Regardless of the type of break-up you’ve just experienced, the following are some concrete, proactive steps to get through this.

Social media has fully permeated our lives and receiving a daily reminder about them on multiple platforms is not a good idea. You might be tempted to visit their profile any time you want and spend time scanning through old posts, tweets, and photos. Our capacity to read and analyze things that are said and shared from the outside is endless, and it can cause a lot of harm. Consider temporarily blocking them across all platforms until you feel you are truly ready. If you’d like to remain friends, drop them a line first telling them that you’re planning to do this. Keep it brief and don’t engage in an argument.

Now that the digital realm is taken care of, it’s time for the physical. It’s wise to cleanse your living space of gifts, mementos, and other items that are attached to the person. It can be relieving to visit a customer-friendly establishment like Pinto Cash for Gold and sell the ring or bracelet they gave you that you should no longer be wearing. Plus, there’s the financial benefit: you can instantly get cash when you bring in authentic precious metals, diamonds, watches, high end purses, and more. Spend the money on doing something nice for yourself. If you’re the sentimental type, pick a simple note or a card they gave you, put it in a box, and stash it away instead of keeping that ring.

This might seem obvious, but don’t spend time with them, either in-person or texting. Seeing them regularly is going to keep you attached – whether it’s missing them and wanting to be with them again, or whether it’s arguing and reopening old wounds. If you want to be friends down the road, you can catch up when the time is right. If they don’t understand your needs, then they are not respecting you. You might find after a long separation that you don’t want them in your life anymore, and that’s fine. You’re not going to change someone’s mind about you by staying attached and dependant.

This is the perfect time to focus on yourself. Be present and think about the good things in your life that you have to be thankful for. Spend time with family and friends and meeting new people. Take quiet time to yourself to reflect on your life and what you want out of it. Learning meditation can also help you refocus and center on the present moment.

Getting over someone takes time – time lived and experienced. Self-care involves doing things for yourself like eating well, exercising, seeing loved ones, doing things you enjoy that are fulfilling, and occasionally treating yourself. You will get over them in time. How you spend it is up to you.

Published by Jason Roy