Are you looking forward to take your little one to the beach for the very first time? It will be an exciting experience, which you would love. However, it is important for you to be ready, so that you will be able to enjoy the time that you spend along with your little one.

Below mentioned are some useful tips, which you can keep in mind to enjoy your visit to the beach along with the little one. In addition to the tips, you will be able to find a list of essential beach items for baby as well. Once you go fully prepared, you will be able to avoid hassle at the beach and enjoy your stay.


What equipment do you need to take?

As the first thing, you will need to take towels along with you when going to the beach. You need to take few towels because they can get sandy and damp quickly. Since you will have to spend a lot of time under the sun, you must take an umbrella or a UV sun tent. Then you will be able to provide shade needed by your little one to stay away from discomfort while spending time at the beach.

Picnic blankets are a must to take while you are visiting the beach along with your little one. They will not just help you to sit on the sand. In addition, you will be able to use picnic blankets to provide enhanced protection to the little one against sand. There should be a cool bag in the list of items that you take to the beach. You can fill up the cool bag with food and water. When your little one is hungry, you can simply take out a snack from the cool bag and give. Hence, you are encouraged to pack your cool bag before you go.

You should also take sun protection when you are heading to the beach with the little one. That’s because you are going to spend most of your time under the sun. You never want the sun rays to burn the delicate skin of your little one. If your baby is not older than six months, you are encouraged not to expose the little one to the sun. But if the kid is aged over 6 months, you can use a sunscreen and let him/her play in the beach. You should also be careful when purchasing an appropriate sun screen. That’s because all sun screen products that you will be able to purchase from the market aren’t recommended for the use of little ones. Hence, you need to go for a product that has specifically been formulated for the use of kids.


Clothes of your baby

Before going to the beach, you need to purchase appropriate clothes to dress the little one as well. In fact, you are encouraged to use clothes made out of cotton to dress the baby. Then you will be able to make sure that your little one doesn’t experience any frustration when he is spending his time in the beach.

Apart from clothes, you can also purchase jelly shoes or beach shoes for the little one. Then you will be able to deliver enhanced protection for the kid against the heat coming out of sand. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the sharp stones and rocks that can be found in the beach. It is also important to keep in mind that most of the toddlers don’t prefer sand sticking on their feet. Hence, it is a must for you to purchase shoes for the little one when heading to the beach.


How to keep the baby safe on beach

Before you visit the beach with your little one, you should also have a clear understanding on how to keep the little one safe on the beach. Then you and your little one will be able to enjoy the time that is being spent.

All beaches that you can find around the world are not safe for the little ones. Hence, you need to look for a beach that is safe for the little one to spend his time in. You can go through some of the reviews available online about beaches. Then you can understand what the best beaches available for you to consider are.


Taking the food for your little one

You cannot purchase the junk food available for sale at the beach and give to your child. You must take food along with you. Hence, you should think about getting ready with the food, on the day before you head out to the beach with the little one.

Some of the food items that you can take to the beach when you are heading there with your baby for the first time include cooked carrot sticks, bananas, unsalted breadsticks, cooked pasta spirals and pieces of peach. It is also possible for you to take raisins, rice cakes and chunks of cheese. As mentioned earlier, you will need to have a cool box in order to take these food items when heading to the beach. When your kid says that he is hungry, you just need to take any of the snacks that you have inside your cool box and give.

But if you are formula feeding the little one, you are encouraged to take few cartons of formula milk. Readymade formula milk is available for you to purchase from the supermarkets. You can provide milk to the little one after taking it straight out of the carton. But if your little one prefers to enjoy warm milk, you can buy a vacuum flask and take warm milk in there. Then you will be able to make sure that your little one doesn’t cause any frustration due to hunger. As a result, you and your kid can enjoy the very first stay at the beach to the maximum.

Published by Emily Rose