We all are aware of the adverse effects of smoking but still, most of us are not able to get rid of this addiction. Smoking does not only put very bad effect on our body but it also leads to many mental issues. However, detoxifying the nicotine from the body is not as easy and simple as it seems. It creates physical withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and discomfort during the process. Many people also smoke a lot to cope with depression, stress, and anxiety. 

However, if you want to really get rid of this addiction, then you have to join rehab centers in US. There are many best drug rehabs and if you have a good budget then you can also join a luxury drug rehab. 

The two best types of drug rehabs that you can join for eliminating smoking addiction are: 

Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab

There are also many people who suffer from dual diagnosis and other mental disorders. Thus for giving special treatment and therapies to people suffering from this addiction, dual diagnosis drug rehabs are made. 

Holistic Drug Rehab

These days many drug rehabs are now turning towards the holistic approach of treating the patients. The treatments of holistic drug rehabs include yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling. All these treatments and therapies really help in creating the perfect balance between mind, body, and soul of a person. 

Here are some of the best ways to get rid of smoking addiction. 

1. Understand the High-Risk Times

You have to understand your mental behavior behind this smoking addiction. By understanding and finding your high-risk times, you can make a proper plan to control the addiction. 

The most common triggers for smoking include driving car, stressful situations, drinking coffee, social events, finishing a meal, and using a phone as well. 

You can make different strategies to cope with all these triggers. The best way is to keep your mind busy during all these triggers. Also, make sure that you throw away all your cigarette packs and keep on learning from your personal experience. 

2. Set a Quit Date

It is important to set a quit date as a personal commitment as this will prepare your mind sub-consciously. You do not need to choose any special date, it can be any random day or date. For making your quit decision stronger, you can write the date on a wall and look at it every day. You can also get smoking cessation medication but only with the recommendation of your doctor. 

3. Get Support of People

To make your smoke quitting decision stronger and successful, it is better to get the support of people. By getting the mental support of people you know well, you can quickly get rid of this addiction. Just make sure to choose trusted and reliable people who can really help you in this addiction elimination process. Moreover, sharing your struggle with your friends and near and dear ones will help to eliminate your fear. Just keep the conversation lighter to avoid any mental pressure. 

4. Eliminate All Smoking Reminders

It is important to eliminate all the reminders of smoking. It is mostly triggered by things, places, and people. For example, you should throw away cigarettes, lighters, matches, and ashtrays that remind you about smoking. Also, make sure to keep your surroundings always fresh and filled with good fragrances so that you do not get the smell of cigarettes any time. 


For professional rehab, join the best drug rehabs or luxury drug rehab. Do your complete detailed research on different rehab centers in US before joining.

Published by Zoe Sewell