Amusement arcade zone is that venue where one plays amusement games such as pinball machines, video games, redemption games, coin-operated hockey, billiard tables and electro-mechanical games. Amusement games are mostly enjoyed in movie theatres, shopping complexes, parks, pubs and restaurants. No matter what our age is, getting prizes from these game machines is always a fund.  But the question arises here is how to get maximum prizes or maximum prize tickets while playing such games. Video games became popular in the 1970s. Arcade games are popular mainly among young children, adolescents. Even the older people enjoy playing such games and winning prizes. You can play roulette, slot machines and others.

Here in this post, we are going to acquaint you with ways of playing amusement games to win max number of prizes. Such games hold golden ticket to complete fun and entertainment. Most of the people think that such games are only luck based and actually don’t require any skill set. Well, this is slightly wrong. To excel in any game, you have to have a strategy to play it. You may completely satisfy the arcade-gamer instinct within you by learning the tricks. There is no need to simply rely on the skills when there are game cheats available. Better than ‘cheating’ is the term called ‘arcade hacking’.

Try Your Luck in Jump Rope Game

In almost all the arcade zones, you may find the ‘Jump Rope Game’. You can have your friends around you to act as a lookout. To do jumping, you may just use the hands. Using the hands will give you far better control over the game. If you have more control, it equals more and more tickets.

Older Game for More Tickets

You can use the tickets that you have already won to get new tickets. This is for those who are surrounded by all retro games. It is important to pull out the tickets at a slower pace because if you speed up, the tickets may get ripped. In this arcade game hack trick, slow and steady wins the race. Have some solid excuse if you are caught doing so.

Exploit Stacker Games to Get More Prizes

You may find the stacker game in airport, malls, arcades or all throughout the world. If you want to win multiple prizes, play the game as you would do normally. Press the ‘stop or select button’ along with ‘continue button’ till you empty the row. This helps to get various prizes from the stacker game.

Unlimited Free Tickets for New Game  

If you want to get more and more tickets through the older games, you will love this game cheat. You can pull out two tickets simultaneously and at a slower pace. But, you might feel resistance and so be careful. After pulling out multiple tickets, you will feel a click. The resistance stops at this point in time while you are able to pull out an entire row of tickets.

Hack Ticket Counter

Arcade hacking has nothing to do with the actual game. If there is automated ticket counter at the arcade zone, then you are lucky. You can jerk tickets back and forth and the counter would think you have a lot of tickets. No doubt, you will be feeling ticket-rich.

Help the Rolling Ball

This kind of hack is all about having MacGyver skill. You can make two swords by simply snagging straws from the arcade or the kitchen. Find the slot machine you want it to be used on. Stick straws and stick balls in between straws. The straw sword acts like the bumper like in case of bowling.

When employing any of the hacks from above, you have to be careful. Make sure you do things with caution.

Published by Kate Westall