Social media is a new age popular platform to impress the target audience and motivate them to register into your list of customers.  All you need is to make your content viral to turn the scale of sales and profits of your venture.

We surely do not need to tell you how a post shared by thousands and millions can bring about changes in your business and social media presence. Viral contents have the potential to make the world know about you and change the fortune of your concern in mere few hours or in an overnight span. Posting of right content bang on right time is the elementary need to make your content go viral.

It is no big deal and a tough job to make your content an overnight sensation on social media, you should try out and execute the social media consulting services suggestions and tricks to make your content rule over the heart of millions for the moment and set the new records of like, share and comment.

Bring to light the beginning of content

Be in the shoes of the audience and try to create content as per the perspective of your audience. Think that why a social media platform user would scroll down and go through your content.  Something really out of the ordinary can make your content go viral like a fever.  Make sure to structure really interesting videos in the beginning i.e. within few seconds. You should emphasize to make early few seconds of your video or starting few lines of content really stimulating that can compel viewers to increase the conversion ratio.

Attractive Title or headline of your content

Fix a striking title that can raise goose bumps or breed curiosity amongst viewers to go through the whole content.  Sub heads too should be equally interesting and your content should succeed in establishing emotional connection with the viewers.  Your job is half done or about to succeed once the sentiments develops in the viewer for your content.  Not always feathery kind of content works, you may opt for controversial topics that can raise awareness and utility about your endorsement i.e. product or services.

 Enhance involvement of  followers

The status of followers decides the success and likes, share and comments are the tools that aid you to involve engagement with them. Ultimately you will need a content that can enhance involvement of audience and you can ask questions on your post and invite audience to respond which these days is a highly effective key.

Direct them to express what they feel by simply liking or disliking the content. You may also facilitate their communication by inviting viewers to share and tag their friends and family on social media.

 It is like group discussions and such sorts of posts have immense potential to go viral.  Your audience will get motivated to share their matter through your post, which in turn raises the probability of your content to get viral.  In simple words, engage and authorize your viewers and you will be astonished with the exposure your content will surely receive.

Add hashtags to extend your reach

The main motive behind hashtag is to facilitate discussions on one topic only into a single thread to make it simple for viewers to view and compare your content. Add hashtags to your content to expand the reach of your content. You may create more specific or general content but do add hashtag to it to make it access able to wider audience.

Employ social media influencer

Social media influencer is one of most effective tool that escalates the chances of your content to go viral as we all are by some means impressed with the celebrities and renowned personalities from distinct industries.  Leveraging or taking the advantage of one’s popularity expands your content’s reach which results in increased engagements and ultimately shoots up the number of followers of your posts.  You can be digital marketing strategy consultant yourself and allow influencer marketing occur naturally.

To know what would work as influencers, replace yourself in the place of your followers. Check out what do they love to read about or see.  Answer to the above queries will aid you to decide the influencer for your social post.  Influencers sharing your content will have a positive impact on the followers that could turn out to be fruitful in making your post viral.  

Generate emotions

Your content should persuade the audience to respond to it by watering strong feelings in them.  By formulating a content that can pinch the heart of viewers straight can definitely bring thousands or millions of shares, likes and followers thereby enabling the content to go viral. 

Any anti social post can be controversial and it is less likely to benefit you than creating controversies and bagging dislikes for your content.  Funny and emotional posts are often shared and liked.

Constant analysis and change thereon

Continuously check results and make positive changes thereon to see what really works to procure higher engagementsDo not hesitate in making regular changes which can be made every hour or day. Try and try until your content becomes a rage. Testing is a vital part that facilitates and guides you to bring improvement in your post.

The above tricks and tips are not only ones that you can practise to go viral. You can implement more tactics to procure maximum engagements on each and every post.

 Always stay attuned with your followers, as it is essential to know their nerves for social exposure and viral content.


Using Memes In Marketing

Meme is a trend or viral phenomena that spreads from person to person it is a cultural ideas, symbols, or practices that passes in form of speech, gestures, rituals, written or other imitable 
Simple to peruse and additionally simple approach to benefit from shared learning 

How Memes Work For Your Audience And Brand?
Easy to process and a lot less demanding to grandstand complex ideas, for example, your image identity and friends culture 
Shareable via web-based media with a real voice. 
Relatability builds the opportunity that individuals will recall your image when they see the image somewhere else 
To the point
Aim For Quick Laugh


Published by Mohsin Ahsan