If you are a fashionista, you may have planned to start a fashion blog on Instagram. This is true that fashion bloggers on the platform are inspiring.

However, you can become a part of this bandwagon just by putting some noticeable efforts to it. Starting a fashion blog on Instagram is not difficult. But, it is consistency and quality that matters the most.

Instagram is one of the beneficial social networking websites that can benefit your blogging career in the longer run. So, make sure you make the most of it.

Let’s take a look at a few ways that will help you grow your blog.

Stick to Schedule

As mentioned above, consistency is the key. When you decide to pay more attention to your blog on Instagram, you need to take out some time to invest in it. This part is not as time-consuming as it sounds.

All you need to know is the time when most of your followers are online. This way, when you share the new post, it will reach the target audience in a short time. This practice also lets you get maximum likes.

If you still not getting the desired number of likes, you can always buy Instagram likes. Despite that, creating a schedule and follow it is incredibly important to begin your blogging journey.


There is no question that there are plenty of Instagrammers who are doing a great work. You can be one of them too.

But, you need to create the top-notch content to reach your milestone. Moreover, working hard on content is crucial as it sets your blog apart and drives plenty of attention to it. Take note that creating unique fashion posts is ideal to reach masses.

Maintain Aesthetics

Your feed showcases your talent and potential. On Instagram, it is crucial to put extra efforts on the photos. The high-quality images let you get likes and maintain engagement.

On the other hand, an aesthetically pleasing feed also attract a new audience which is incredibly important. To maintain aesthetics, you can use a different filter and photo editing tools. 


Almost every Instagrammer prefers to maintain engagement on their profile. However, they do not follow the simple way to engage with the audience. When you put up content on your account, you are sure to receive comments.

In this case, you need to reply to those comments and keep your feed alive. Moreover, you are likely to get inbox messages as well.

And, these messages are a great way to interact with new people and grow your community. Make sure to visit other fashion bloggers and interact to reach your target audience.

Learn from your Favorite Accounts

Being a fashion blogger, you must have one or more favorite fashion Instagrammers. This factor can help you grow your blog as well. You should not only scroll through their feed but learn from them as well.

For example, you can keep an eye on the strategies that they follow. Fashion bloggers often collaborate with brands. So, you can also find the latest clothing trends and follow them to post fresh content on your blog.

To be more precise, if you practice the same, you can become a successful fashion blogger too.

Instagram Insights

This is a handy tool to know which post is doing well. So, you can create posts similar to that and keep your followers engaged. Insights also provide information about followers demographics and their online timing.

These factors can make a difference if you work accordingly. Thus, go through the insights on a regular basis as it lets you build a solid Instagram profile.

Bottom Line

Instagram is an astounding social networking website that lets you grow your fashion blog in a short time. However, there are certain strategies that you need to keep in mind. Once you start following them, you are sure to grow your blog on Instagram successfully.

Published by will Ent