I understand that not everyday is going to be a good day. However, I strongly believe that we can definitely control whether we have a good day or not. In the past week or so, I've come up with a few simple tips to liven up your day. I have been experimenting around and changing my daily routine to try and see what actions I can take to make sure my that I am getting the most out of my days. After all, I do want to make sure that I live a fulfilled life. I mean don't we all?

1. Start your day early

I know that the majority of us would rather sleep in but hear me out. I have been setting my alarm at 6 am so I can have an early start to my day. I work the usual 9-5 and normally would still be in bed until 7:45. However, I find that I am much more productive when I wake up early. I have more time to plan for the day ahead, make breakfast, or even watch videos I am falling behind on.

2. Cross your least favourite thing off your to-do list

Maybe you don't make to-do list like myself but we all have things we need to get done everyday whether we like it or not. As much as I love working out, I hate the process of actually getting myself to the gym or yoga studio. That is why I always do it in the morning. The faster I can get it done, the less likely I will have to worry about it later in the day. Having it done in the morning helps me wake up and I can definitely say that I am more alert and awake during the day when I workout in the mornings.

3. Unplug

We spend most of our days on our phones or computers that it is important for us to have an hour to just unplug from the world. I'm going to admit, I'm one of those people who definitely checks their phone right when they wake up. However, in these past couple of weeks I have really changed up my habits. My phone stays on airplane mode throughout the night, and aside from using it as an alarm clock or as a music outlet when I go to the gym, I'm basically not on it at all. I stay away from going on social media, checking my emails, or texting my friends until after I've had my breakfast. I find that by doing this I have more time to actually get ready in the morning so I'm not in a stressful mindset while starting my day.

4. Make time for things that feed your soul

This may sound cheesy at first, but I really mean every word of it. Find things that you love and excites your well being and make time for it! Whether it be watching an episode of OITNB, curling up with a good book, or simply sitting in a quirky cafe with your cup of coffee, it doesn't matter what it is. If it makes you happy, go ahead and make time for it. I don't understand when people complain about not  having enough time in the day to do the things they want to do. Trust me, you have the time but you just have to make an effort to stop wasting it on things that don't matter.

5. Say yes!

This to me is probably the most important. We should all know by now that the things that we really come to regret in life are all the missed opportunities and chances we get. When there is an opportunity to do something out of the norm, please really think about it and say yes. If worse comes to worst, then you live and you learn. However, the good thing is that you will never have to wonder what would happen because you will know. As Drake would put it, YOLO. You might as well make mistakes and learn from them rather than shying away from the new experiences.

Published by Air Wrecka