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Today's post is about how to plan Christmas gifts to have a relaxed Christmas season! Because not planned last minute gift shopping is everything but relaxed! But before I start I would like to announce that I currently host my first Giveaway on my blog! Click here to read more about that!


First things first - don't just go shopping and hope for the best! Make a list!
That's obvious and easy. I know. BUT even though everyone knows a list could help, most people don't use an organized list. Here are some tips for your Christmas gift shopping list!

Start with a piece of paper and a pen, grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down and start thinking about these things:

  1. Your Budget. Put it somewhere on the top of your piece of paper!
  2. Now you will need three sections on your piece of paper. The first section is for the person, the second section is for your budget for this specific person and the third is for what you want to give to this person.
  3. Decide who you want to gift this Christmas. Take some time and really think about it.
  4. After you got a list of names you want to start thinking about your budget and about how much you want to spend for every specific person on your list. NEVER forget your budget AND leave a bit of extra money, just in case you forgot to add someone to your list! Because this might happen. Also if you haven't forgot anyone, it is always nice to stay beneath your budget.
  5. Ready so far? Good. Now you have to get creative. Let's think about THE GIFTs. Does anyone has specific wishes? If it's something big that cost more than your budget, try to find someone or even more people so you can buy it as a group present. Always remember you have a budget you want to stick to!This step will probably need the most time. So don't do this in a rush! This will ensure the gifted person and you are both happy with your decision.
  6. It's time to make the shopping list! Try to do your Christmas shopping in one setting. Chose a day when you really go out to shop all the things from your list also order everything that has to be ordered from any online shops the same day or earlier.
    After this step you can move to your FINAL STEP.
  7. Wrap all the gifts you bought.

Congratulations! You're done with this years Christmas gift shopping! Now you can sit down grab some hot chocolate and relax!

I hope this post could help you! Feel free to add things to this step by step guide! Share them with us!

Lots of Love~♥


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