Menopause is one of the most important events of a woman’s life as it changes her from the inside and the outside. One of the most crucial changes that are often visible to most women is that their skin changes. As the levels of estrogen hormones in your body change, your skin may start glowing suddenly (which is rare), or you might find that you have more signs of aging like sagging, wrinkles, fine lines, and thinning issues. If you have noticed the signs of aging, then you don’t need to worry. You just need to scroll down and know tips on how to have better skin after menopause.

Remember Clean Ups

The first tip is very simple and relatable. You need to ensure that you keep the skin clean. You can do it at home by using various face wash products, cleansing masks, etc. or you can visit a local parlor to clean your skin pores deeply. When picking a clean up, select for a moisture-based option to ensure that your skin doesn’t get too dry as dry skin is usually more susceptible to damage. Also, make sure that only top-quality skin products are used that don’t have any steroids or antibiotics.

Examine Your Diet

If you want to have healthy skin, you need to examine your diet and pick foods that are rich in antioxidants. It will ensure that your skin becomes strong, healthy and plump. The best sources of antioxidants are colorful fruits and vegetables. You can also opt for soy-rich foods as soy has isoflavones that help with problems like thinning and aging skin. You also have the option of enhancing your skin by having bulletproof collagen.

Hydration Matters

You also get healthy and happy skin if you keep drinking enough water and use beauty products that hydrate your skin. This is essential specifically for women who have menopause because after you have the menopause, the oil glands usually become inactive and you might end up with extremely dry skin. A good start to hydrating your skin would be to develop the habit of using a moisturizer when you are fresh out of the shower, and your skin is still wet.

Protect the Skin from Sun

Continuous exposure to sun or sun damage can do a lot of harm to your skin. You can avoid that by putting on a good sunscreen with appropriate SPF levels. Using sunscreen is particularly advised for menopausal women because as you grow old, your skin’s ability to protect itself from the harmful rays of the sun goes away.

Target These Areas

While using a moisturizer, make sure that you cover the key areas like under the eye, neck, jawline, and the face. These areas are more vulnerable to damage when you have menopause, and your hormones start acting badly. Moisturize these areas at least twice a day to minimize or control the damage. If you have aging spots around your neck or chest even before menopause, then you should use exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells. You can also use lightning spots to get rid of these spots.

Care for the Hands

Your hands often tell that you are aging even before your face. So, you should remember to moisturize the back of the hands if you don’t want to see ugly looking wrinkles there. It is also good if you care for your hands enough to wear gloves while doing household chores and cover them when it’s too hot or cold outside. During cold months, you can wear woolen gloves, and during the summer heat, you can opt for lightweight cotton gloves.

Try Meditation

Believe it or not, no remedy on this list is better than meditation to get rid of stress and help your skin. Meditation helps you to avoid stress by calming your mind, and it relaxes your skin while allowing it to breathe. Meditation also helps you to bring your emotions under control, and it indirectly helps because untamed emotions might negatively impact your skin.

Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause many health issues. One of them is skin problems. So, make sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night as it will help keep your skin fresh and calm while preventing the signs of aging. If you don’t get enough sleep, the production of cortisol increases that damages the overall skin quality.


Trying the methods mentioned above is essential for your skin’s health not only during or after menopause. It is essential at all times because healthy skin will be less vulnerable to problems and deadly diseases like skin cancer. Healthy skin will also make you look beautiful, younger than your age and feel more confident than ever.



Published by Shahbaz Ahmed