We’ve all had off days. It is the highlight of any work week. What makes an off day truly spectacular is how you spend it. The perfect off day is different depending on the person, the job and the level of relaxation a person needs after their busy work week. While my job is not that hard, it does make me praise the heavens for when my day off arrives.

When I laid my head down last night, it was storming. When I awoke this morning, apparently the sky has opened up and all hell had broken loose over Baton Rouge, La. There were floods everywhere, roads and parts of the interstate were being blocked off, and schools were closing down every ten minutes. This basically meant I was trapped inside all day my day off. This was the best news to wake up to. This day was off to a great start for all the lame things I had planned.

The first thing I did is put on music. It may sound random but it helps. Getting your day started to your favorite playlist is mildly therapeutic. Brushing your teething and washing your face is made fun with the help of some great songs and your best dance moves. It makes it better if you play your tunes through a speaker, if you have one. My little Big Lot’s Polaroid speaker was the cheapest godsend ever and I use every day. The music puts me in a better mood and mentally prepares me for the rest of the day.

Some view household chores as boring tasks that have to be done. I, on the other hand, love when I can do housework. Nothing calms me down more than cleaning and organizing the things I’ve neglected all week. This morning I instantly started the mountain of laundry that had built over the last few days, and decided throw in the sheets and comforter too. I had all the time in the world to let it all dry. I moved my life to the kitchen where I simultaneously made the most amazing breakfast burrito while loading the dishwasher in perfect time. After a vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, I felt as cleansed as the apartment did.

The one thing that gets neglected the most, other than the apartment and the laundry, is my hair. I make it a mission to show my tresses all the love every week on my off day or off weekend. This requires oils, moisturizes, detangling, twisting and examining my precious ends to make sure my neglect wasn’t showing permanent damage. While I partake in this 1-2 hour long process, Netflix is my closest friend. My current binge is Scrubs, and six hilarious episodes helped me finish my hair this morning. Thankfully I do have plenty of time because ten hours later, my hair is still somehow wet. If you also have natural hair, you must know my struggle. Just know that when I take these twist apart later, my hair will be luxurious

There is one thing that gives me great joy and relieves so much of my stress, and it is my crochet projects. I crochet almost every day, just not as long as I want to. But today, I went to town on my current project: a big blue comfy blanket. I bought the two 1,020 yard bundles of yarn for this blanket last November during Black Friday and swore I would make great use of it. Now, almost a year later, I have just started making progress on this blanket. With each stitch I make, I feel more at peace. I get tired sometimes, or distracted. Sometimes, I just can’t because my hand cramped up but the only thing that keeps me going is the satisfaction I know I’m going to feel when I bundle up under this bundle of softness come this Christmas.

So this is my off day. Nothing about it was extravagant or eye-popping but that’s not the point. The point of this was to show people how you should spend your day off. The best tip I can give you is to do what you love. Do what makes you happy. Just make sure you make the most of the time you have off. Who knows when the next time a person will have off?



Published by Misa Gosserand