Elderly people often suffer from loneliness for different reasons. With age, they lose some abilities like driving or doing some sports. Their vision and hearing worsen so that they can’t keep on living the life they got used to. Besides, seniors feel the lack of social contacts, because their spouses and friends might pass away. Living at a distance from the family creates isolation, which can lead to depression. If your aging parents are in such a situation, your duty is to help them spend the rest of their life happier. We suggest you the following tips to make your people feel better.

1. Call them oftener.

Elderly people need more contact, especially if they live far away and can’t see you regularly. Make it a rule to call your Mom or Dad every few days. Ask about their life and be sure that you have time to listen to them. Never let your parents feel that they are a burden for you.

2. Make regular visits.

Our parents got used to see us every day. Now, it’s always a holiday for them when we arrive. So do it more frequent. Nothing can replace physical presence, real hugs and smiles. If the distance is too far, teach your parents to use Skype or other video technologies to make your calls feel like meetings.

3. Involve social resources.

It is more than likely that the area your parent live in have some center for seniors. Such communities provide opportunities for entertainment and communication, games and hobby clubs. Even if your Mom or Dad is not very communicative, suggest them trying to participate. It’s better to accompany him or her when visiting the community for the first time and arrange further regular transportation.

4. Take your elder to some events.

Seniors are often shy to visit public places alone. So, accompany them to theaters, cinemas or festivals when they want to. Remember the events they liked when they were younger. It will be a great pleasure for your Dad to see a football match with you at a stadium and for your Mom to go to the theatre for her favorite play.

5. Consider healthcare.

Unfortunately, aged people often have some health problems. Be very attentive to your Mom and Dad’s physical condition. There are a lot of opportunities for arranging geriatric care at home when professional nurses and social workers attend your elders every day. If your parents live in Canada, check seniors care service in Montreal and other cities to get immediate online medical consultation.

6. Teach them to use computer.

As it has already been mentioned, technologies can help you keep in touch with your elderly parents. Gather all your patience and find time to teach your loved ones to use internet. Register your Mom and Dad in a social network and show them how to chat with friends and relatives. It will be a bridge to the world for them and a joy every day. But don’t forget that your visits are still very important!


Published by Elina Sivak