As a parent, there’s nothing more you want than to see your kid succeed in life and be happy. Although grades don’t determine the course of one’s life and the amount of happiness, they are an important aspect of any educational system and ultimately how your child shapes up as an adult. Learning happens in class, but learning prep actually starts from home. The work ethics you give your child are like a seed. If your kid can think independently and later on make important life decisions as an adult, it’s all because of your hard work from an early age. Here are four things you can do to help your child get better grades.

1. Don’t underestimate homework

Even the best of students need an occasional oversight from their parents to keep them on the right track. Even if your child insists that homework gets regularly take care of, check in with their teacher once every grading period just to make sure. Although they might be angry at you for checking on them and even scolding them, if they’re actually doing their homework then you won’t have anything to scold them for, right?

2. Food for thought

A school-age brain is constantly developing and growing, requiring a lot of fuel in the form of energy. It’s important that your kid develops healthy eating habits and maintains them. Every day should start with a good breakfast at home. If you’re running low on time, a cereal high on vitamins is a great option. Avoid breakfast bars on a regular basis as they’re full of sugar but lack any real protein.

3. Sleep is important

Never underestimate the importance of sleep and a good night’s rest. It’s estimated that a child needs at least 8 hours of rest every day in order to properly rest and gather strength. Go to bed early and get up early. Establish a routine and before you know it they’ll be following it all on their own.

4. Hire a tutor

This is probably the best thing you can do for your kid provided you can afford it. Students benefit most from a one-to-one tuition since they get the tutor’s devoted attention and can progress much faster. Tutors can enhance a kid’s knowledge and abilities far more than you can simply because they’ve been trained how to do it and have the experience required. Tutors can also help your child in areas they find particularly difficult and have been struggling with.


It’s often easy to forget that your child learns far more at home than he or she does in school. Remember, everything starts from home first and then gets upgraded in school, whether that’s their knowledge, manners or way of socializing.


Published by Peter Garlow