Science shows that changes in our skin color are caused by melanin production. Too much of it can darken our skin while low melanin contents will whiten our skin. Here, are some of the best ways to have a better skin color.

5 Ways to Improve Skin Color

Drink enough water

The recommended daily intake of water is at least six to eight glasses. This is something many people forget to take into consideration when it comes to taking care of the skin. The most important thing water does to the skin is to hydrate it. It also washes away any impurities that contribute to having a dull skin color. Make it a habit to always drink the recommended amount of water. When not in the house, you can carry some water in a bottle. Within no time, you will notice the great improvement on your skin complexion.

Eat well

What you eat contributes in one way or the other to your skin complexion. When you notice your skin color is a bit dull, then it’s time to check if you are eating healthy. Ensure you get enough of Vitamin C. Eat more of citrus fruits such as oranges that contain high amounts of vitamin C. This is especially important because of its high antioxidant properties that are helpful in brightening the skin color. Also go for healthy fats found in avocado, fish and nuts. The trick here is to always incorporate them in your diet.


Proper and consistent exercising can work wonders on any dull and uneven skin complexion. This is because during exercise, there is increased blood flow to the skin. The increased blood flow takes nutrients and oxygen to the skin at the same time taking away the waste products. This nourishes the skin and keeps it healthy. In addition, exercises tone the skin and make it brighter.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping for at least eight hours a day is critical for the overall skin and body health. When you get enough sleep, the hydration on your skin will be balanced. The excess water is removed from the body and the one needed is retained. This in turn gives the skin its glow. Sleep deprivation makes the skin look dry and even accelerates the visibility of wrinkles. Therefore, good quality sleep is equivalent to good quality skin.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

It is always advisable to use sunscreen with SPF each time you are outdoors to avoid damage to the skin by sunlight. When the skin is exposed directly to sunlight, there is oxidation of the melanin present in the skin. This, in turn, leads to darkening of the skin.  For a better even complexion, never forget to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun like ultraviolet or UV rays.



Published by Emily Rose