Websites today have become the most important parts for any business possible. This is the perfect way of attracting users and offering services and the products the business owns.

Low conversion rates are a disaster for any type of website. This is the indicator of the quality and the success of the website. Taking care of the conversion rates should be the number one goal for every website owner.

Every detail and component plays a huge role in the success of the website. The design of the website is one of them. Today, more minimalistic solutions are popular for website design. But still there are so many nuances to consider.

  • Let's start with the content of the website

 This is the backbone of any website. A quality content is an essential. Every detail on the website should be well-planned, original and meaningful. It's important to take the content seriously as this is exactly the ground for your website's future.

  • Next comes the marketing

 Any website needs to run effective online marketing strategies. E-mail marketing is one of the most effective ones. It involves newsletter emails and auto responder e-mails. In order to start the e-mail marketing, first thing you need is having an e-mail list of subscribers. But how to collect those subscribers? Easy – subscription forms and subscription popups. Subscription popups are the easiest and most effective way of collecting subscribers. Add to this the exit intent triggering, and the process will come faster. Exit popup triggering is the most efficient way of attracting visitors just as they are about to leave your website. Just make an alluring offer with your exit popup and get their e-mail to your list!

  • Backlinks are another way of improving the conversion rates of a website.

 Of course, I'm speaking about quality backlinks, like links with duplicate content, low quality guest posts, etc. Make sure the backlinks lead to high-ranked websites, not to damage your rankings. High-quality backlinks can increase the rankings in Google search and bring more conversion to your site. Actually, you should be very accurate with the backlinks not to get penalized. Make sure the number of daily backlinks does not exceed the number of 3-7.

  • A/B testing is the next on the list

One of the essentials of any website is the user-friendliness. When creating a website, it's super important to make sure it's user-oriented and easy for operating. Make sure every single thing on the website is meeting your users' needs. Every innovation you make on your website should be laying on the users' experience. Users come first, always. Any idea you may have for your website should be based on your users' preferences and interests. The navigation on the website should be easy for the users. They should be able to find anything they need with no more than a couple of steps. CTA's can be of a good help as well. The content should be minimalistic but informative. So, if you have any forms or additional content to show, use CTA buttons and make it easier.

A/B testing is one of the most accurate ways of understanding the best solutions on your website. Comparing 2 or more versions of the content you would like to offer, you may find the best one and even mix for a more ideal solution.

These are just a couple of basics for improving the conversion rates of a website. Dig into the process more and you'll have the perfectly converting website!

Published by Samantha Brown