If you have an up and running online store, you’ve already done about 80% of all the work that goes into setting up and making one’s own store. Most people and business owners often struggle with the very first step of even selecting an online ecommerce website provider. However these days, with many affordable and specific options such as Shopify, it shouldn’t be too hard. 

Poor web traffic can tank your online venture faster than you set it up. And it can also hurt your reputation. Meaning if you have a brick and mortar store, it could take a serious hit if your online reputation doesn’t hold up to standard.

All this begs the question, how can you possibly increase your web traffic? You can pay for it- but that’s a slippery slope if there ever was one. Well, here are some pointers to help you drive more traffic to your online store

Social Influencers Galore

Influencers can make a huge dent in the market by supporting or not supporting certain businesses. The rule to follow when searching for influencers is to first find out who is an ideal influencer-someone whose followers are your likely customers. Start backwards- as your customers, see who they follow on social media and start there. Then decide on some keywords, and maybe even come up with a hashtag for your specific brand or product. 

Once you narrow down influencers and the hashtags- there are three ways to market. Either send a free sample to the influencers, or make a discount specific to the followers of the influencer. If it’s feasible, offer them a share of the revenue if a purchase is made using their discount code. Else you could opt to pay them a flat endorsement fee.

Blogs and SEOs

SEO is the best way to have a long lasting source of new, relevant and authentic traffic coming your way. Always maintain a regularly updated blog alongside your online store. Your blog should have content that is regularly searched for and gets ranked on the first page of any search engine. To help with this, find the most trending potential topics for your specific blog using Buzzsumo. It’ll give you the most popular articles for any keyword. Use this guide to find out what readers want to read about.

Refer to Customers

There’s no better marketing strategy than employing those that are happy with your services. Turn to your customers and request them to make referrals to their friends and other people they know. Customers going to social media happy about a company or an online store reflects very well on branding. It does two things- make your social score stronger and brings back organic clicks from social media.

Email Marketing

Believe it or not, there is no better customer than one who has already visited your website but then decided not to purchase. The trick here is to get the email of every visitor. Then send them follow up emails on any products they left behind in their abandoned shopping cart and offer incentives for the same. Turn to email marketing apps to help reach out to customers at the right time. Also send emails of discounts and sales and featured items depending on what they’ve clicked on, browsed and purchased before.

Share in the Virality

Making a viral video is a surefire way to be in the limelight. But it’s time consuming and very expensive- not ideal for new or smaller businesses. A better alternative is to share posts and videos that go viral from Facebook pages that attract millions. Once a post is shared- simply pitch in a small amount of ad money to boost your post. This will increase the likelihood that it’ll be seen by more and more people. Of course, alongside the post input a CTA seamlessly written to drive traffic to your site.

Facebook Groups

Find and select the most populated and viral groups on facebook where your target customers are likely to be. Instead of placing ads in the group, simply join in the discussion. You could serve as a brand ambassador- but you could also be a testimonial. Perhaps even add in the videos and pictures of content being shared and leverage traffic.

Turn to Quora

Here you’ll find all kinds of people looking for answers for various questions. Once you hone in on the questions that relate to your products and services while also being hugely popular- there are two ways to drive traffic. You either answer very popular questions, or offer your brand or products as potential solutions. Or you could submit anonymous questions and give detailed answers. Don’t forget to give backlinks and referrals.

Offline Networking

Depending on what you’re selling, look up events where you can set up a stall or give away samples of your products. Offline marketing and networking really resonate since it’s one of the most direct way brands connect to their customers. If you have a retail store, that makes promoting your ecommerce store all the easier! 

Published by Taslima Akter