There’s definitely nothing more important than your health. Just think how much trouble a simple cold or a headache can cause.

Can you imagine, then, how much inconvenience a back problem could bring to your life?

It really is crucial to keep your back and spine and in good shape and prevent them from getting injured.

Of course, some things are impossible to prevent completely, but at least you can make sure their impact is minimum by keeping your back in the best possible condition.

This doesn’t actually require a lot of time, but it does require attention, discipline, and consistency. It’s important to keep your back strong, yet relaxed at the same time, and experts from Fix Body Group share a few tips on how you can do it.

Stay Active :

Make sure you lead an active life as that will help to keep your back healthy. Exercise at least two times a week, but make sure the exercises don’t put too much pressure on your spine. Also, try to find exercises which engage different groups of back muscles, in order to make them stronger.

It’s important to keep every part of your back active and to avoid staying in one position for too long. So if you have to sit for a long time, make sure you get up and stroll every now and then. Same goes for standing, make sure you make a few steps whenever it’s possible.

Walking can sometimes be tiring for your back, but it’s certainly better than sitting and standing. Walking at a brisk pace, in the right posture, meaning spine erect and upright, can be really good for your spine.

Watch Your Posture :

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking, sitting or lying, you have to make sure your neck and back are in a comfortable position. As already mentioned, keep your back straight while walking. Same goes for sitting.

Also, make sure you have a comfortable chair with adjustable back and armrests. It’s important your feet touch the ground while you’re sitting, and your computer monitor should be at arm’s length.

When it comes to using your phone, make sure you sit up while you’re doing it, keeping your phone at the chest or eye level.

Driving can also put a lot of strain on your back, so make sure your seat is well adjusted to your body and use lumbar support.

Lifting heavy things is one of the greatest sources of back problems and injuries, and good posture could prevent that. You should keep your legs wide abroad and bend your knees, not your back when lifting something. Also, keep the burden close to your body and once again, make sure you don’t bend from the back.

Treat Your Back :

Do you really need to “earn” a back pain or stiffness before you finally get a back massage? Regular massage can be quite beneficial for keeping your whole body in good condition.

No matter how much you try to put a little pressure on your neck and back muscles as possible, they can still get stiff and painful, often even from stress, without you even noticing it. Regular massage will keep them soft, flexible and relaxed, and regular exercise and good posture will make them strong.

Also, you don’t have to wait to get a back problem to visit a chiropractor. When we say back problem, we usually mean pain, but there are different types of back issues we may not be aware of. Even if everything is perfectly fine, a proper spinal manipulation can do your back a lot of good, so you should definitely make an appointment with a renowned chiropractor or a chiropractic group.

Try some of these right now, you owe your spine and your back that much.

Published by Arina Smith