In a span of a few months of vacation, children tend to get lazy and do not spend their time productively. In such situations, it is recommended that parents should keep their children engaged in some kinds of activities so that they do not waste their time.

Not only during vacations but during weekends too children should involve themselves in fun activities as it improves their brain activity rate and physic.

Work According to Schedule

Prepare a schedule for your kids to follow every day. Just in case prepare more than one schedule with variations so that your kids do not get bored with their everyday tasks. Select one appropriate for their mood. This routine should involve their eating, sleeping and playing hours.

This also gives parents the margin to complete their work on time as well.  Thus, parents wouldn’t need to run after their children around the house trying to get them to calm down.    

Assigning Chores

From a very young age, children should be taught to be responsible for the work assigned to them. This helps them maintain a regular lifestyle in the future as well. Assigning chores would help you get work done around the house faster. The kids can help with the easy work such as cleaning their toys and cleaning their bed and playrooms.

Now your kids will spend their time productively instead of watching television or playing on an electronic gadget.

Teach Problem Solving Skills

As a parent, it must be reflexive for you to help your child when he or she is in need but this spoils them as they become far too dependent on you. Whenever your kids create some kind of trouble or a mess, ask them to solve it on their own. Assist them when it seems too difficult for them to take care of it on their own.

This way your children learn a very helpful skill which will even help them in their school and social life.

Being Alone

Sometimes parents must leave their kids alone at home but if the child is very young, then leaving him free in the house is dangerous. Thus you should keep them in a confined space with a babysitter if possible. One possible place to keep your children is a playpen. The best kind of playpen is which is decorated and stacked with the need of your children. Load up the playpen or whichever room your child is sitting in with books and toys to keep your child occupied. This will keep their minds off the fact that their parents aren’t home.

Rewarding System

It’s very easy to manipulate the minds of children by offering them cookies or candies. Not so easily, however; give your children small tasks to complete and when they finish their work, award them with some junk food or a few extra minutes of electronic gadgets time. This is an effective method of teaching your kids to work hard and also the fact that hard work always pays up. Now you have little helpers around the house whose only pay is their candy.

Published by Charlesa Gibson