How to know if pride is running your life:


With the election in full swing, many of us are questioning our priorities and values.  One difficult problem that can stand in our way of making informed decisions, is pride.  

Are we making a choice based on old grudges?

Are we aligning ourselves with who we want to be rather than who we are?

Are we too afraid to ask questions?


Pride is running your life if….


  1. You cannot admit your mistakes
  2. You refuse to acknowledge another’s point of view
  3. You keep arguing even after you know you’re wrong
  4. You are afraid to ask questions
  5. You find it difficult to receive criticism
  6. You talk more often than you listen
  7. Your image is the top priority


One way to fight pride is with curiosity.   No one person has all the answers.

For multiple people who might have some answers...

Published by Rebecca Lee