I found it!

I have found how to live outside of time, but it is a secret.

shh... don’t tell anyone, it is for you and you alone, for your ears only.

Come with me and I will show you. Don’t worry, we are not getting into a time machine, it is very simple. All you need is a pen and a sheet of plain white paper.


Here we go.

Think for a minute, imagine... a man- let’s call him Jake, walking on the beach...finally he finds a cave...he walks into it and finds cannot believe his eyes and he sits down to think of what to do...

Now take your pen and write this story down, also write what you think he will do in the next 2 days after this.

Have you done it?

Congrats! you have just lived outside time. Did I hear you say how?

Because you created it.

You wrote a story in time but you lived outside it and therefore you could control it. You could control the beginning and the end and everything in between because you lived outside it...because you created it.

You wrote about Jake because you created him. Twenty minutes’ walk on the beach for Jake was 2 minutes to you...more proof of your existence outside time as Jake understood it. As the creator of time, you have the right to pause the story, change the story line, you know what will happen to Jake in the next 10 years of his life before he even begins to walk on the beach...before he is even born. You have the ability to change events in Jakes life and you know what Jake is going to do.

Think further with me.

If Jake knew that you were his creator and he understood that you lived outside of time as he saw it, would it not be reasonable for Jake to trust you about his future? To talk to you about where he was going next? If Jake knew that you loved him unconditionally, then why would Jake worry about tomorrow when he already knows that you know his end from his beginning and that you can protect him from every harm, and that you can send angels to protect him from hitting his feet against the stone. What if Jake knew that though a thousand fall at his right and his left nothing would harm him? What if Jake knew that you had already healed him even before he became ill? What if Jake was sure that you would never leave him and that you are constantly watching over him. What if Jake knew that every door you open no one can close? What if Jake worried less and prayed more?

Or what if Jake did not believe that you saw his every tear and that you were with him all the way? what if Jake didn’t trust you? What if Jake does not understand how powerful you are and that every word that you have spoken over his life has to stand?

Before you judge Jake too harshly...

Are we doing the same thing. God lives outside time and has assured us of his unconditional love... yet we don’t trust him...yet we fear...

He is the author and the finisher of our faith.

So let us trust the Creator of time, who knows the end from the beginning and who loves us unconditionally.


Published by The Teller's Tales