Life without meaning isn’t a satisfying life at all. If you wander around without clear thoughts and goals of what you want to do, you may find yourself pointlessly wasting your days. And know that time is very precious and you should fill it with things that make you content.

However, given the circumstances and the stressful time we live in, this can be harder than it seems. As much as you want to let go of everything, your responsibilities drag you back into the harsh reality. What if I tell you that there’s a way to overcome this and start living a happy life with aims.

Here we’ll look deeper into how this is possible and show you how to live with purpose.

What You Can Try

Actually, there are many things that can help you live your higher purpose. Some are more efficient than the rest, but still they serve their purpose. 

Understandably, among the first choices is yoga. The likes of kriya yoga attract many practitioners eager to learn more about what it means to live a fulfilled life.

Recently, though, some new approaches were introduced. One of them is dharma. In fact, this represents one of the 4 Vedic life goals, which incorporate artha (prospering), moksha (experiencing conscience liberation) and kama (enjoying life). It unites all goals, opening the gates to a life with more meaning and true soul satisfaction rather than fake happiness or no happiness at all.
Those that practice it, use dharma to find their guiding star and abide by it whenever they are tempted to give up on their dreams or think that nothing can be repaired.

How to Learn It

For starters, what is required of you is patience and determination. Progress doesn’t happen overnight and without any effort from your side. That’s why try to be accepting of the new approaches and see the end results so that you can stay motivated.
To make them more accessible to people, there are web courses, which can last for as long as one year. During that time you learn the basics of dharma, how to live your higher purpose as well as explore who you truly are, and how connected you are to life and all the beautiful things in it.
Mainly, what you get is monthly guidance, spiritual and motivational lessons each week and daily encouraging thoughts to lift your spirits and keep you energized. What matters is to really want to achieve the ultimate level of happiness and loving your life. Then, the purpose of your existence will clearly appear before your eyes.

A Final Word

All in all, it’s true that you live your life the right way when you have goals and are filled with positivity to make them happen. While reaching this level and live with purpose takes time and devotion, it has proven as worth it at the end of the day. So, what are your opinions regarding this matter? Is dharma something you are practicing or you intend to? We like to hear it all in the comments.

Published by alex hales