Flat belly is one of the most common dreams that we all have but the more common dream it is more difficult is to get it. Belly fat is out of those fats which make our body ugly and makes us embarrassed. Visceral fat which is located around our organs is most harmful for our body. The main reason of belly fat is junk food or our unhealthy lifestyle. To make your belly fat disappear it is necessary to have a good balanced diet. How to lose belly fat in a week without exercise is now possible with the help of our article.

The visceral fat not only makes your appearance bad abut also give you many heart problems. It is very difficult to remove visceral or belly fat with exercises because it needs some changes also. You will know about those here.

How to lose belly fat in a week without exercise

Avoid bloating

  • You may be shocked after knowing this that some habits like chewing gum, smoking and drinking carbonated fluids like cold drink makes you bloated.
  • These habits fill air in you so avoid these habits.
  • Talking at eating is a bad manner as well as a cause of bloating also.

Cut sugar

  • Reduce your sugar intake because they have calories in high amount.
  • These high calories puts pressure on liver and also makes you fat.
  • How to lose belly fat in a week without exercise is now possible by cutting sugar intake.

Avoid alcohol

  • This is somewhere difficult but helpful in fat loss especially of belly.
  • Alcohol has bad bacteria’s present in it which increases belly fat.

Proper balanced diet

  • As I told you above that consuming junk food contribute a big role in belly fat because all we eat gets into our stomach.
  • Consume diet rich of vegetables and fruits because as they also contains all minerals and nutrients.

Chew properly

  • Our parents mostly advise us to properly chew our food and break it completely.
  • The reason behind it is if we chew it properly it will be digested easily otherwise food will take time to digest leading to belly fat.

Lemon water

  • Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice is a natural and old method of reducing belly fat.
  • Drinking this every morning improves our digestion and increases metabolism thus helping to reduce belly fat.

Take dairy products

  • It is a well-known fact that yogurt is good especially for our stomach as it contains good bacteria.
  • Consuming dairy products like yogurt and milk loses belly fat fast.

Frequently but small

  • If you eat after long time you need to eat more.
  • So instead of eating after long intervals try to eat frequently but in smaller quantity as it will help to put your hunger in control.

CONCLUSION: Visceral fat which is the fat of our belly or around our organs. It is difficult to remove this fat and it is the most harmful fat among all fats. Some changes in lifestyle should be made to remove the belly fat. Click here to know more about how to fit yourself.


Here are some changes for how to lose belly fat in a week without exercise and it is not easy to remove it but now it can be by these changes in lifestyle.


Published by Jack Louis