Hi everyone.


Let's start with the disclaimer for this post; I am not a weight loss consultant, expert or have any experience other than my own personal progress. The advice I will give is purely things that work for me.

So that's that out of the way, let's delve into my top tips for losing weight successfully. 


1. Want it.

Simple right? Not really, you have to want it for yourself more than anything else, put yourself first for once and grasp all the determination you can muster - I know this is hard with life, kids, work etc all vying for your attention but the harder you try to see that you deserve to give yourself something, the easier it becomes to do it, and successfully too. You won't regret it I promise. 


2. Log everything you put in your mouth.

Whether you are following a diet plan, calorie counting or just eating less and moving more. Track your food, it's important because it helps you to recognise your eating patterns, for example you may notice there is a specific time of day you tend to binge - Save your treats for that time and you are more likely to stay in control. Plus it really is easy to forget the times you pop snacks into your mouth so logging will help. There are so many ways to track, a notepad, your phone, specialised apps - I use myfitnesspal personally and it is great!

There are even some awesome designers out there that will make you a SW based diary, for example, check out Elizabeth Moore Designs - I have one of these ones and I adore it. 


3. Set small goals

Don't go for the end result, it makes it harder to stick to, set something small, the next stone bracket, half a stone at a time, a pair of jeans to fit into. Smaller goals make your successes more frequent and therefore reinforce your determination to keep going, this definitely was the sticking point for me, I would hold on to the feeling of losing weight, or getting into the next stone bracket down and it really pushed me to focus on my goals. 


4. Learn to listen to your body

Know when you are full, wait to eat until your stomach rumbles, like really learn to understand when you are hungry and when you are bored. I am an absolute stickler for eating when I am bored, if I have nothing to do I will open my fridge about 20 times looking for what I can snack on, all the while not even being hungry, this is a work in progress even for me, but if you can learn to listen to what your body is saying it will make your progress so much easier.Bulk up your meals with vegetables or salad so you stay fuller for longer, this makes snacking less frequent. 


5. Drink your water.

DRINK IT. It helps, I promise you it is my most valuable advice, it's what I tell every single person who messages me! Why not grab yourself a water bottle to re-fill, even just an empty coke bottle (diet of course lol) and keep it with you all day, but if you want something extra fancy check out these cool babies from Nativbottle - (I really want one of these) - Drinking water (add no added sugar squash if like me you detest water!) has so many health benefits, from clearer skin, healthy hair, it helps your kidneys and your bowel function. Win. 


6. Find some support.

A group, weight loss buddy, social media. It all helps so much. I am a lover of Instagram the weight loss community there is just fabulous and astounding, I have made so many friends and found an abundance of support and inspiration. You can follow me here if you like - Please give me a shout if you came from the blog and ill make sure to follow you back! 


7. Don't compare yourself to others.

This only brings you down, everyone loses weight at different rates, no two bodies are the same. Celebrate your own successes instead of comparing your progress to someone else's. I really need to take my own advice here, I do it too, you see someone who has lost more weight than you, in a shorter period of time, they have more followers on Instagram than you do, it's human nature to envy people and to feel jealous but you have to rein it in, celebrate your own story, you will of worked just as hard as these other people, you go Glen CoCo!

(If you've never seen Mean Girls it's okay to be confused by that statement lol)


8. When you struggle, go back to basics.

Eating well is hard work, we all get to a point where we struggle to keep it together, I know this is a fact as I've been there myself and my friends who have also been successful in losing a heap of weight have often said the same to me too. WE ALL STRUGGLE. The key to success is to know when to pull it back. So you had a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, more?! Draw that imaginary line and make a plan to get back on track, go back to the start, read your books/research again, check out blogs etc.I made a blog post recently where I basically made a shopping list for SW newbies, yet whenever I share it I always say it is for oldies too, because I just know there will be someone who will see it and think "yes this is what I need to get back on track" - Totally sounds like I am blowing my own trumpet there, but well, it is one of my most viewed blog posts don't you know! Haha link is HERE if you want to take a peek!


9. Take photos.

The best, more rewarding part of losing weight for me, is when I see my before and afters. If you follow me on my social media you will know that any opportunity to show off my progress I am on it, #transformationtuesday, #facetofacefriday - every week I join in with these hashtags on Instagram and as sad as it is, they are my favourite days, I get to show off my hard work, inspire people and it really keeps me on track!

10. Take your measurements.

For weeks when you plateau, taking your measurements is vital, you may not of lost weight, because sometimes you can be on plan 100% and not lose a pound, and trust me that is gutting, but you could pop the tape measure around you and see if you've lost inches instead! It can take a potential bad day to a blooming good one in seconds.


So there we go my loves, Those are my top tips for losing weight successfully.

I hope this helps someone out there.

Please don't hesitate to leave me a comment, let me know how you are getting on!





Published by Clare L