If you are a Lyft driver and want to earn more then you would probably get close to 5-star driver’s rating! While a high driver rating will limit the number of riders that decline your service when you are matched with a rider! In simple words, you have to spend less time waiting around for the rides and more on earning!

Moreover, driving rates also gain trusts amongst the passengers! This trust will help your riders to feel more comfortable and the ride will be much smoother! This will help you get more tips!

As a driver, you want to earn more tips, while you can keep some add-ons in your car like Lyft driver requirement documents, phone chargers and cables, water bottles, gums & mints, towels and much more! Give quality service and get better tips in return, it’s that simple!

As a Lyft driver, you should know your city well! Moreover, you can use apps such as Waze or Google maps to supplement your knowledge! Taking your rider to their destination in a quick and safe manner using the most efficient route possible will more likely to give you a positive rating and a good tip too! Sometimes it is great to talk about the city if you have a good knowledge of it! Good conversation with the riders can lead to high ratings and more tips!

However, you have to treat your every ride like a customer service job. If you have ever done a customer service job, you must understand that keeping customer’s happiness is the only concern! You can be friendly, smile, and call them by their name when they sit in your car! People love to hear their name in a positive tone!

Moreover, you can act smart and try to have a meaningful conversation with every rider. Moreover, you can ask them what they do for a living, the weather, events happening in the city, and many more! Anything you do beyond the unexpected will surely boost your driver rating and tips!

Try and be patient with the riders as some passengers are not going to be interested in having a great conversation with you! In such cases, you just need to match the energy level with the passengers. You can also sometimes get a passenger that is over critical, intoxicated, not polite or in a bad mood. It is very important that you stay patient with these type of riders.

As we live in an on-demand world, everyone expects convenience that’s the part of Lyft! As a driver, you have to get to the rider as soon as possible! This can lead likely to get great ratings!

Further, you can keep your car free from strong odors, muddy carpets, or ripped up interiors. As people think that appearance is more appealing than getting in a smelly and old taxicab! Clean and refreshing car smell means good ratings and ultimately generating more tips!

As a driver, you should keep your car in check and maintain it by keeping it clean from the outside as well! Moreover, you can do some general repairing, if the car’s stereo system, headlight or AC is not working well!

You can also help our rider if he/she is traveling with a lot of luggage! This sweet gesture of yours can get you some tips and ratings. While riding, you can also offer your rider to hand over the AUX cable to let them hear the music of their choice!