Investing in high-quality and safe playfield amenities is one of the best decisions you can make as a school administrator. You’ll be contributing greatly to the overall development of the children and your school would be better for it. However, simply purchasing playground equipment for schools is never enough. Maintaining the equipment should be a top priority if it is to last long enough to give you tangible returns on your investment. Below are some maintenance tips that can help you preserve the lifespan of your playfield amenities and ensure they are continually safe for all the users. 

Plan before buying 

Before buying the playfield amenities at all, you should check to see if it’ll be a good fit for the environment and desired purpose. The planning process should start right from the construction and layout of your playground. Would the equipment need protection from extreme weather conditions? Or the construction material is strong enough to withstand the elements?  You should also consider other factors like the anticipated rate of use and the age range of the users. 

When you plan properly before buying, you’re more likely to purchase playground equipment that would be just perfect for your needs. That way, you would not need to spend a fortune on maintenance arising from frequent breakdowns. 

Schedule regular inspection of playground equipment for schools

Even if you buy the perfect playfield amenities for your needs, you’ll still need to schedule regular inspections if you are to ensure longevity. Regular inspections would help you spot any mechanical fault or damage quickly. For one thing, identifying and fixing a fault or potential damage quickly ensures the amenities remain safe to use for the children. Furthermore, your stitch in time would be saving nine. The amount you’ll spend on inspecting and plugging faults immediately would pale in comparison to the amount you’ll have to fork out if the fault results in major damage. 

Make repairs quickly 

Once you spot any damage on your equipment, it’s important you fix it with immediate effect, even if it’s a seemingly minor fault. Even if the damage is spotted outside of the scheduled inspection period, you should still treat it as urgent. Usually, minor faults can be handled by your in-house maintenance team. If you’re experiencing a major fault, however, you may need to contact experts to help you solve the problem. In extreme cases, you might even need replacement parts or other inputs from the manufacturer. Whatever the case may be, you should fix all faults quickly to ensure the playground equipment remains safe for children, and to prevent further damage. 

Ensure repairs are correct 

Proper maintenance of playground equipment for schools is not just about ensuring they are repaired quickly, you have to make sure they are repaired correctly too. Your in-house technicians should be properly trained on how to fix the minor faults. Importantly, they should be able to discern when they need to call the professionals. By trying to handle a repair that is beyond them, they might be putting the kids as well as the playground equipment in danger.

Ensuring correct repairs also entails using high-quality replacement parts that are appropriate for the equipment in question. If there is a need to do so, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer in order to source for replacement parts. Using replacement parts that are of inferior quality to the equipment could complicate matters in the long run. 

Monitor the use of playground equipment 

One of the main advantages of playfield amenities is that they bring a sense of independence to play. This is especially true for children that are about 5 years or older. Adults do not have actively participate in the play activity once they get a hang of the equipment. However, this shouldn’t be seen as a license to forgo proper monitoring. Whenever kids are using the equipment, adults should be around to monitor them. 

Monitoring helps ensure the kids use the amenities properly and they do not engage in acts that could reduce the lifespan of the amenities. Furthermore, you’ll also need to be sure that the older kids are not playing on the equipment that’s meant for younger kids and vice versa. This is particularly important, not just for the machine, but for the safety of the kids. 

Make use of holidays 

Holidays give you the freedom to carry out more than just routine maintenance on playground equipment for schools. You should use the opportunity to initiate full-scale maintenance on all playfield amenities as well as the playground in general. Do you need to repaint the equipment or replace some parts? How about the general security of the playground? The holiday is a great opportunity to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your playfield amenities and the playground in general.

Like every other equipment, wear and tear is inevitable for the amenities in your school playground. However, you’ll need to preserve their lifespan for as long as you can if you do not wish to go shopping for another set of equipment anytime soon. If you follow the maintenance tips shared above, you can rest assured your playfield amenities would serve you for many years.   


Published by Charlesa Gibson