Thousands of people have big dreams to eventually become a world renowned musical artist. The idea of having a huge crowd of fans and groupies all clamoring for even the tiniest sliver of your attention is appealing to many, not to mention the financial freedom of success and the literal freedom of the lifestyle of a musician.

However, behind the grand stage performances and successful outputs lie a set of circumstances which artists had to encounter, from their bouts to their successes, that no one often really gave enough attention to. Breaking into the music industry is a challenge, and climbing the ladder towards that certain level of success doesn’t guarantee an easy way up. Listed below are some tips you might find helpful in paving your way towards the rostrum and under the spotlight.

Promote yourself

Today, promotion can be done in various yet almost every platform and can be done with such convenience. It has become a trend to flaunt your works and have random audiences flock into them. A lot of artists upload their music on digital open audio distribution and music streaming platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, and even YouTube. Some have theirs promoted through online marketing like using the ones offered at and many other sites which help in maximizing the growth potential of your brand.

Despite having those mentioned, it does not necessarily mean that the only way to promote your work effectively is through social media. Establish your presence both online and offline. Find opportunities to perform live and gather physical audience. Look for ways to make your music reach people and elevate the chances of having record labels knock on your door with contracts.

Engage with your fans

Having a loyal and dedicated fan base is crucial to any professional musician’s image and career as they increase your appeal while keeping you motivated. Make sure to keep your interactions with your fans and supporters as often as possible. Maintain extensive email lists that keep them connected and in the loop and most definitely engage with them to make them more interested in what you’re up to. Go in, play music, get out.

Establish your identity and strive for improvement.

As early as possible, you need to be aware of who you are and who you are not as a musician. Watermark your music in a way that the audience can easily identify and distinguish you from a sea crowded with artists.

While you do this, also learn not to settle with what you’re accustomed to as repetitive outputs will get you nowhere. Always strive to do more than what you’ve previously done and improve what’s yet to improve. It won’t hurt to explore your limits as an artist. After all, versatility will take you a long way.

Don’t solely focus on the ‘work’ part itself.

Your talent alone is not enough to survive in this industry. It’s about how you handle yourself, too. As you work your way to being a widely admired musician, you need to keep an eye on your character development as well. Your reputation reflects your character, and a good reputation is your key to success. This being said, it’s not all about what you can do and how good you are at it. It’s about giving and gaining respect in the process, too.

Making your name known in the music industry might be quite of a painstaking journey, but don’t be easily discouraged as it will always end up being worth it. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you reach greater heights as a musician.


Published by Samantha Brown