Scrying is the act of telling the future and typically, people can use mirrors or water to help them see clearly and accurately. Some people use jars filled with water (and maybe other things) to help them scry because it cuts down on time, as you already have charms and enchantments (these are also optional) to help them scry, or because they like the feel of it. They're cheap and easy to make!

You will need:

A jar with a lid (any size, you can get them at Party City starting at $0.99)

Water (Tap is fine)


Glitter (any kind you like!)


Rocks (clear quartz and amethyst would be best)

Jewels (real or fake)


It’s super duper simple to make, first, have a jar with a lid, cleanse it (nothing complicated, just use your go-to cleanse, I used bells) and fill it with water (any kind). If you want to add stuff (glitter, jewels, rocks, ect) then add them first and put in the water. The end, you’re done! You can add charms to it now for accuracy and clearness (or anything you want!), and they’ll stick for a long time (refresh them every 6 months and you'll be fine!). The finished product looks very nice, and can be a part of the room! My favorite one looks like this:

If you make one, post pictures in the comments below! Good luck and happy crafting!

Published by Kalaeo Nox