It’s largely assumed that musicians today are not seeking popularity based on their talent. The myth of auto-tune turning things around for a mere singer was debunked a long time ago. If one thing is true, the music industry has only evolved in all respects where technology has genuinely made a remarkable difference.

How an aspiring singer or musician can make it to the top – it is a question holding paramount importance. Talented artists and musicians are constantly looking for a breakthrough. The market dynamics continue to shift, new trends emerge and if you are an individual who dreams of holding a concert at O2 Arena one day or have their performances being reserved at Madison Square Garden or have millions of views on YouTube, the only way forward is to work and make your opportunities count.

Talent is a requisite but what matters more is where you put all of your talents. Successful artists have always moved forward with a crafted strategy which appears to be a tedious task because most people tend to ask this question – why do I need anything else besides my talent?

The matter is about competition. It is surging every day. The hunger, eagerness, and hustle which today’s artists have cannot be matched to the era of a couple of decades ago. Back in time, it was much simpler.

The recipe for success has changed with new mantras emerging. Today’s artists are required to do more. Not just producing compelling records that would appeal to the taste of their audience but moving forward with clear, calibrated steps which would only account for popularity. Popularity is the point of merit; the more you have it, the successful you are. A subjective approach towards making music has minimized greatly. People are increasingly finding a balance between their personal and subjective taste, style and preference and the objective part that the world goes gaga about.

On the other hand, artists stress about record label companies and their criteria for talent hunt. Truth is that some record label companies are scrutinizing talent which will not only suit the prospect of making big bucks. One good example is Rianna Levy Production, LLC. The woman Rianna Levy herself is considered the beacon of hope for emerging artists. She continues to inspire others with her instinctive approach, having an eye for talent. Rianna is committed to giving the young generation a chance to dream big and leap forward without fear. She recognizes the heap of talent and knows to what extent good mentorship can make a difference. With people like her working on top of their game, it can be assertively said that the future of music is in good hands.

Eventually, it all comes to down to the self-commitment of an artist. Opportunities are floating around but a personal effort goes a long way in thrusting the flag for success in future. All aspiring artists looking to step into the music industry and find success knocking on their doors need to be self-disciplined, self-motivated, refine their talents and brush up creativity.

The music industry has always rewarded those who can imminently make an impact and bring something fairly unique out there.

Published by Julia Morison