Everyone has seen or experienced the use of digital signage in the malls, hospitals, schools etc. but nowadays, digital signage is being used in the real estate areas, by the realtors in order to display the current information, build trust and educate the prospective clients.

The competition faced by real estate agencies is quite fierce. Now in order to stand apart from the crowd, the realtors need to take a step further in technology by using digital signage. They need to use the best tools in the game of property to win.


Here are some tips to help you deliver the best content possible in order to grab attention and enhance the customer experience:


You need to tweak the display settings for brightness, contrast and colour balance. Modification of your digital screens can make them look better and can also make the text more legible. It can also help make the messages accessible to a wider range of consumers. Each LED Displays screen has different requirements, so it is important to alter the display screens accordingly in order to enhance the performance and attract attention.


It is highly likely that the customers respond to the content that seems to be most relatable to them. People usually relate to local news and weather conditions. If you use such information as part of your content, then you might be able to attract more customer attention.

In the real estate industry, you will have people approaching you from all types of geographical areas, so you need to make sure that your digital signage is able to satisfy the differences in the requirements of your customers.


Your real estate building is a combination of both your physical store along with your digital marketing. When your customers are creating powerful user-generated-content for your real estate company, from images of their property to tweets and customer testimonials, you need to display these so that the world can see. Digital signs in your shop front are the easiest way to do that.

These are a few of the ideas that can help you capture the limited focus of the modern customer. You can also upgrade your display screens in a manner that your signage displays become dynamic screens that activate when a consumer passes by. This might help further to attract the customers’ attention to your real estate digital signage.

Published by Michal Federed