Aromatherapy is a well-known way to cure stress and related issues by having a calming effect upon your senses. Scented candles are the best way to have a therapeutic effect on your mind when you are too stressed out. Light some scented candles in a dark room and see how it has a healing effect on you. Moreover, they are also a great way to set up a romantic mood. If you are planning a homely romantic dinner with your partner, scented candles are a must to set up the right ambience and arouse feelings of love. DealVoucherz will give you access to incredible discounts on scented candles from online shops during various sales. But why will you spend money on expensive scented candles when you can get them quickly at home too? It is not as difficult as it sounds to make aromatic candles at home. All you need is some practice and skill to use the ingredients correctly.

What you need:-

Wick, small glass jars or containers, crayons (optional), paraffin wax.

How to make:-

1.    The first step is to assemble the small jars or bowls which you are going to use as the candle. They should be dry and a little heated than the room temperature.

2.    It is wise to buy pre-waxed wicks with a metal base from the store to make the best candles at home. These sit perfectly in the candle and prevent the wax from sticking to the base of the jar and heating it to the breaking point.

3.    Heat a few pieces of wax and drop it into the glass to fix the wick in place. You can place two sticks or pencils to prevent the wick from falling off till the wax hardens.

4.    Now for the real part, you must take a double boiler to melt the paraffin wax. If you wish, you can also replace it with soy wax. A double boiler ensures that the wax melts slowly without burning. Heat a pan with water and place the bowl of wax in the water. This indirect heat safely melts the wax. If you are looking for a lovely colour to give to your candle, break some wax crayons and drop it into the pan while the paraffin is melting. It melts with the wax to give it a nice colour. Do not mix colours as the resultant colour may not be pleasing. Use solid shades like pink, blue or green to make it look soothing. When the wax is heated to a high temperature and has wholly melted take it off the gas.

5.    To give your candles a nice aroma, you can now put in a few drops of essential oils into the molten wax. Be careful not to put in the oils when the temperature is very high as it can make the aroma evaporate soon. Just when the wax is beginning to cool and has not started to settle down once again, it is time to put in the essential oil into the wax.

6.    Pour in the wax slowly and gently into the jar with the wick. Leave some space on the top and never fill a glass to the brim.

7.    Once the wax is solidified, trim the excess wick, and your scented candle is ready to be lit.

Alternative method

You can alternatively create another kind of scented candle using wax beads. These are small beads made of paraffin wax and are easily available in the market. You can get them online at good offers too. Take your small glass jar or bowl and place a wick with a metal stand on one end. Then fill it with wax beads, not till the brim. Pour a few drops of perfume oil or essential oil into the wax beads. Leave it for a day or two till the wax beads soak the perfumed oil. If you are using essential oil, be careful about the number of drops because these are very strong. It’s better to keep the jar covered with a lid to trap the aroma and not let it escape. Once the period is over, you can light the wick and enjoy the smell of your homemade a scented candle.

Optional decorative ideas:-

When you make scented candles at home, you can also have some optional decorative items to give an aesthetic touch to the candles. For instance, you can drop some dried flower petals into the molten wax to make floral scented candles. Pour a few drops of rose scented oil into the wax, and a few rose petals into the wax. Try to hold the petals with a stick at the walls of the glass to fix them in place so that they are easily visible from the outside. This gives a stunning visual appeal to your scented candles.

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