Pallets are basically wooden or plastic frames on which your cargo can be kept and fastened before it’s loaded on to a container and sent for shipping. This is a very important process and should be done by trained people only because when the cargo is loaded inside the container and sent for shipping the container actually goes through a lot of stages where it lifted and kept down and has a lot of movement. In case the cargo inside is not packed properly with pallets it may have serious damage in the process. 

There are different shipping pallet sizes depending upon the size of the cargo but the most commonly used size of pallet is the 40 X 48 inches one. This is a standard size that is used in 60% of shipping’s where the cargo is put into cartons and loaded on to a container and finally sent to docks to be shipped out.

How is palletizing done?

Palletizing is a process where the cartons inside which the cargo is there is kept on a very strong wooden frame and then covered with thick plastic tape tightly making sure that it won’t move. The cargo is further fastened by plastic or metal tapes to make it more strong and secure and practically immovable. This is done so tightly that the cargo stays intact inside the containers even in the rough seas without any kind of damage.

For products like glass and other valuables like the electronics palliating is a must as even a slight mistake or a loose link in the pallet can destroy the whole cargo. For some extra-large goods like the transformers and other machines the pallets are custom made as per length of the product that will be kept on it and shipped. A pallet is always made 1 inch bigger than the cargo size so that tying it up won’t be a problem.

How do you choose the best pallet for your shipment?

Well there are various sizes of cargo depending on which you decide the size of the pallet on which it will be kept and finally packed. In case if you want to export cargo that is packed inside small carton boxes then you can easily go for the standard size of 40 X 48 inches pallet. In this pallet they can pack at least 24 boxes that are kept on each other. If you have more cartons then you can use more pallets as well.

In case if you want to secure your cargo even more then you can get it packed from all four sides as well this is called as super palliating as well.  This is basically done for glass and goods that come under the fragile category. The Palliating should be done at least with 3 to 4 wraps around the cargo to make it secure, make sure that you do not load the cargo into the container without palletizing it properly.

Where do you get pallets from?

The answer is very simple; you get shipping pallets from any shipping store that is near a dock or the place where they do palliating work as well. Whenever you buy a pallet make sure that you check its strength and are sure that it can carry the actual cargo weight and won’t break during the transit. This is something that you need to go by yourself and check or else you need to give it to a really very good workshop where they do the palliating work with the help of expert workers who have the experience in this field. 

Published by Jack Louis