Have you ever had the urge to just do something spontaneous? If you have, then do it! It will be an experience you will never forget. These are the type of moments in life you will remember especially if it is with your best friend and we are going to give you the steps of one successful night.  Life gets stressful but it is the moments like this that will rally you back to fun times!

Step One: Make One Night Bucket List & Do It

For our bucket list we decided to go out and learn how to swing dance and line dance to country music.  We went to a local club to scope out the scene.  A couple of guys offered to teach us how to dance.  It was so much fun to learn something new in a night.

Step Two: Don't Leave Until You're Ready

On a night that you are trying to accomplish on your bucket list, make sure you spend all the time enjoying the moment.  What is the point if you aren't going to really cherish the experience?  We stayed until closing, and it was the right decision.

Step Three: Reflect & Laugh

When you get home, get in your pajamas.  Now girl talk! The best part of the night is to look back on the night and laugh.  Go through pictures, videos, and chat and laugh about your highlight of the night.

Step Four: Build Off The Momentum

Don't just make it a spontaneous night, but build off of that momentum.  Continue the next day with adventure.  For our adventure, we drove around the backroads and went to a winery to walk through.  We had an impromptu photo shoot with the gorgeous scenery and good talks (boys, drama, future weddings).  We then proceed to have a pool party during the day that turned into night and watched fireworks under the stars with our boys.


Published by Lauren Emi