How to Make Your House Smell like Christmas

The Christmas holidays are almost around the corner. It is about time you rolled your sleeves and prepared your home for this joyous season. And we are not only speaking about visual decorations – you can make the season enter the house through the nasal cavities with the perfect set up and execution of a few strategically-placed ornaments that will make the home not only look like a place where Christmas is more than expected, but a place that smells like Christmas as well. You have plenty of options with that as there are many Christmas-specific odours that can enter the home and make all residents tremble with the joy of the season.

Holiday Clean Up

Of course, no need to bother with fragrant decor if the house will smell of dust anyway. So before you start with the embellishment of the home, have a good systematic house cleaning to set up the bright white blank page for the upcoming additions. Don’t use any smelly cleaners! Remember, you will bring the fragrance, so simply rely on all purpose cleaners, or just a mixture of water and vinegar.

Rosemary Cheer

  • All those gifts under the Christmas tree can look even better with a few rosemary branches under the ribbon. This is what the scent of gifts should be like.
  • Alternatively, tie up your own rosemary wreath if you are handy enough. Both a Christmas decoration and bringing in the jolly smells.
  • Plant a rosemary tree in a pot and place it strategically so that its smell spreads around the room.

Ginger Joy

  • How good are you at baking? If so-so, then go through a fast oven cleaning to get the oven ready and make a set of gingerbread men. This is not only the typical Christmas smell, but also the typical Christmas cookie that no kid will ever turn down.
  • Apart from gingerbread men, you can also endeavour in the diligent exercise of making a gingerbread house. Just wait for Christmas to rear its head and start baking and building till you have the perfect fragrant and edible decorations.

Cinnamon Delight

  • With so many cinnamon ornament recipes, surely you can pick one and make your very own figure. And then... you plug a hole, string them up and decorate the tree!
  • And it doesn’t only have to be the tree. Be inventive with what you’ll bake, you can even paint them in another colour and hang them anywhere around the house to bring in the sweet smell of cinnamon along.

Nutmeg Good Spirits

  • Wait for Christmas to come, and again endeavour in baking. Cookies will never get old for this holiday. But this time add nutmeg to introduce the already aromatic house to yet another brilliant scent.

With so many sources, your Christmas will be as sweet-smelling as possible. The moment you open the front door, your guests will be assaulted with the smells of elation and good cheer. You just make sure you do the Christmas home cleaning so that there is nothing to stand in their way. With a home clean and ornamented with holiday looks and scents, you will have the best experience this year.

Published by Olivia Green