Carl W. Bazil, the Professor of Neurology says that "when you don't sleep properly, you don't function the nerves in which the way it does". You might notice the way when you don't wake properly you will see the brain and the system looks dull and tired. According to Psychology, the brain is active much during sleep rather than during work hours. If you skip your proper sleep duration there you get the sleep deprivation. Actually, what does sleep deprivation do and its side effects?

Sleep Deprivation-The major cause

The common problem in modern society is the lack of sleep. When an individual person wakes up more time rather the time they have to sleep is known as Sleep deprivation.  The most challenging effects of depression are in older people and the chance of attacking is seen in children and young people. Due to this problem, the major problem they face is excessive daytime sleepiness, dull job during work time, low quality of life. Another major problem is that the obesity problem.

Major Reasons for Sleep Deprivation

Although there are many causes of sleep loss, here are some basic points that you have to understand about sleep loss.

  • Driving - The first reason to cause sleep loss. In modern day when sleep becomes the crucial need for all people, yet drivers have less than 7 hrs per night.  Because of this even when they are on duty they have sleep deprivation.
  • Night shift -  Nowadays when people run towards the money they lost the happiness and fun in their family and even health condition. They got sleep loss which affects the productivity and performance of shift workers.
  • Jet Lag - The sleep-wake disruption have another cause known as jet lag. Persons who travel across different time zones also have fatigue. This occurs major with pilots.

There are more problems of sleep to be solved. But how to solve these in the modern world. Here is the solution named Sleep Calculator. Are you surprised? Certainly What is sleep cycle calculator?

Take your Time using Sleep Calculator

An easy way of understanding is that a sleep cycle is nothing but when the brain goes to deep sleep. On this period the brain does various muscle activity and distinct air movements. This pattern is known as rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep and Non-rapid- eye movement(NREM) sleep. The sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes.

step 1: lightly sleeping

step 2: light sleep before deep sleep

step 3: preparing for deepest sleep

step 4:  important stage to get deep sleep. Growny stage when awakening

Step 5: REM stage. Dreaming occurs and when waked up it feels disoriented.

step 6: Get over when the cycle of sleep over.

Thus to get these best steps operated you have to get your best sleep positions. Below are some of the answers to your question what are different sleep positions?

Best sleep positions to feel you at an ease

  • Soldier Position
  • Free Fall position
  • Fetal Position
  • Yearner Position
  • Stomach Position
  • Back Position

Rather than this one has to check for their mattress comfortable and even see that the position does not cause your back pain. If your pregnant make sure the position is more comfortable.

Published by Evie Mills