If there’s a better time to start a business with CBD products, now would be it. With its increasing popularity, Cannabidiol (CBD) products such as oils, are big business that is expected to reach $450 million annually by 2050. People are excited about this news because CBD oil comes with a range of health benefits. CBD is a compound found in cannabis or marijuana plants. Yet, CBD isn’t psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t give you the sense of being ‘high’ as natural properties found in marijuana. Because of this, people are finding relief for some of their ailments in CBD products and use them to their chronic pain, or reduce anxiety and depression, for example. Marketing CBD products is not only lucrative, but also helps others.

Here are the essential points to know to get your business going

Find out the law and regulations

While this will differ from country to country or from state to state, you still will need a license to sell. Some products are extracted from hemp, which is a cannabis plant with low tetrahydrocannabinol THC (0.3%). THC is the chemical compound also found in marijuana, but its percentage in it is high, (5%-35%) making marijuana an intoxicating plant. Products extracted from hemp are deemed legal.

Look for a supplier.

When looking for a wholesale supplier, you need to consider 3 major points:

  • How they extract from the hemp plant as some might use harsh chemicals for this process.

  • What the source of the oil is.

  • Use certified, licensed wholesalers.

Create a website

Few will have a physical store to sell CBD products, and most sales are done online. For any purchasable item, people start with an online search, so you need your website to be attractive, informative with good content that will get people interested. In terms of content, this leads to the following point.

Understand your target audience

If you want to market Private Label CBD supplements extracted from hemp, this means your target audience is not interested in getting high or want any of the effects that marijuana can leave behind. They will be generally healthy adults that are looking for a natural way to relieve some of their symptoms of what is ailing them. So your content must address those issues and those kinds of people. Content needs to resonate with potential customers. To write better content, you should know as much about CBD products as you can. Anyone can sell products on their site, but not everyone is an authority on a topic. You want your site to be a reputable authority and able to answer all the types of questions from people.

Don’t make wild claims

Be honest and truthful. Some sites will make claims that CBD can cure certain chronic illnesses, though there have not been enough studies to prove these claims.

These guidelines will give you a good start marketing your products. There is no factor mentioned more important than another in this marketing process. Each step must be given its due time and attention for a successful running business in marketing and selling CBD products.


Published by Matthew Piggot