Moving is suprisingly easy sometimes, and quite revealing in so many ways. When I first understood some months ago that we would have to sell or face foreclosure, the answer was easy. It is always way better to sell of your own free will then to go through a foreclosure. But at the same time something within me did not want to sell, hoping that the Lord would give us a way out in the end that would let us keep the house. So I was going into the preperations for a sale and a move with a divided heart. A part of me wanted to sell, a part of me wanted to stay. But I always prayed "if it is your will, let us keep the house". I know it is Gods will for us to be free from the consequences of our sin and experience total financial freedom from all debt, but I dont know if it is His will that we get to keep the house. So it would be presumptious of me to pray and declear that we where to keep it when the Bible does not say "thou shall keep your house", but it does say "He will give me grace to meet all my financial needs". 


During the months that followed the Lord blessed us with a beautiful small apartment, not far from where we live in the house. But as the months went by, I still hoped something would change so that we never would have to make the move in itself and perhaps could cancel the apartment. The days up until the move nothing happened, and suddenly the day came (last tuesday this week) when the moving company called and said they where on the way. If you read my last teaching you remember how the Lord prepeared me that day for all the unexpected events that took place. 


The Lord blessed us with two wery nice men who would do the actual move for us, a father and his son that have their own moving company. Two wery nice and supportive people who understand its not easy for a person to move. And the Lord blessed them with wisdom on how to guide us in making the move, moving a three story house to a small apartment is not easy by itself. It turned out we had A LOT more stuff then we first thought, and making room for all of that in the small apartment turned out to be a challenge. But it was a challenge the two moving guys met without batting an eye. 


So right now I am writing this from our new apartment. Its small, but beautiful and best of all, it has internet connection so I will be able to stay online after work as well to teach, prophecy and pray for you all. 


The house is not sold yet, and its not 100% empty. When the move was underway it became obvious to all of us that we couldnt fit all our stuff into this small apartment. So after consulting with the moving guys, they adviced us to not move everything at once because then it would not be enough room in the apartment for us to exist. We would have to sleep, eat and live on the outside and all our boxes would be on the inside. So we took their advice and decided to leave some in the house, and then first unpack as fast and as much as possible in the apartment before we moved the rest of our stuff over to the apartment. 


This of course poses a challenge in way, because soon we have to sell or we will face foreclosure. In my country everything works at a slow pace when it comes to foreclosure. First the court makes the decision, and then it takes another 2-3 weeks before it is put into effect. So I guess by now we have maximum one month left to unpack and move the rest of our stuff over. Truth be told, I dont care what will happen to the house right now - I just care that we get all our stuff over to the apartment before they change the locks on the door in the house. 


The strange thing is this, before the move I was wery concerned not wanting to loose the house. I was wery stressed wanted to keep the house at all cost. And the Lord did tell me I would never loose the house against my will. Now that we are settling into the apartment it feels as a HUGE burden has been lifted from my shoulders.  Looking back I dont actually understand why I was so adamant of keeping the house. The house has always been a huge burden to me but I didnt see it as such a few weeks ago. But now I understand how big of a burden it actually was. And now I understand how big of a relief it is to be free from that burden. So truth be told, I dont care what happens to it as long as we get to keep our stuff. 


The apartment we are in is small, but it is cozy. Having everything so close by instead of having it spread all over a big huge house is a change, but it is a change for the better. Not having to go upstairs to go to bed, but just walk 3-4 steps from the living room is change but it is a change for the better. And the people we are renting it from are good people. I dont think they are christians, but they are nice people and easy to get along with. 


Of course, we still have the consequences of our financial sins. We are still struggling with financial debt and takes its toll on us in so many ways. But it is easier now that we are not fighting to stay in the house. And this is where the Lord revealed something to me yesterday. 


He showed me how the house had become a sort of an idol in my life. My happiness had been connected to the house and that made me blind to reality. So out of His grace and mercy He did not allow me to loose the house against my will, but He allowed me to keep it as long as He needed to work on me to change me. So when He had worked on me and made the changes needed for me to see how the house was actually a burden and had become an idol, then He released the house and blessed us with this apartment. 


Then He told me something, the house being so connected to my happiness was stealing my trust in Him. I had ended up trusting the house for my happiness instead of trusting the Lord. I had even ended up trusting the house to provide, instead of trusting the Lord. Of course, if you had asked me at the time I would have said I didnt trust the house for my provision or happiness. I would have claimed to trust the Lord, but I was so blind to what was really going on. And the Lord said something, He said I was not the only one in this situation. There are several of us christians that are caught up into this mindset where we loose trust in Him because we actually worship idols, but we have grown so accustomed to worshiping those idols that we dont see them as such. 


So the Lord said something I had not thought about before, if our happiness, peace and joy is determined by anything except Him then it is an idol. If we need to be healthy to be happy, then our health has become an idol. If we need to be married to be happy, then marriage has become an idol. The Lord wants to give us all of these things, and more, but He can only give them to us if He knows for sure that He is our number 1 in everything. And how do we determine if He is our number 1? By asking ourself, what would happen if I lost this?. If the answer is "I would be depressed, fearful, anxious and worry about everything" then the thing you have lost has become an idol. If your answer is "i dont care if I loose this or not, I am happy either way because I have the blood and the death of Jesus", then the thing you have lost is not your idol and maybe the Lord will bless you with it. 


Does this mean we are not love and appreciate things? Shouldnt I now appreciate this apartment or will that make it into an idol? 


There is a difference between appreciating something and being thankful for something. 


I am extremly thankful to the Lord now for this apartment, but if I lost this I know the Lord would provide me with something better. So my happiness is not connected to it, my peace is not connected to it. I look upon it as a HUGE blessing from the Lord. 


So the difference is how you percieve things, do you percieve them as blessings that makes you thankful? Do you percieve them as gifts that makes you greatful to the Lord? Or do you percieve them as something you earned, something you deserve, something that is yours to have?


Gifts you dont deserve, gifts is something that could be taken away from you and replaced with something better, something that makes you thankful to the giver. Something you earn is something you will fight with hand and foot to hold on to, even if it means fighting against the Lord. 


The truth is this, we dont deserve anything from the Lord, but He promises to give us everything we need if our focus is the blood of Jesus and His death. 


Does this mean I could have kept the house if my focus had been changed? Perhaps, I dont know. But I am to thankful to the Lord for this apartment so I see no reason to wonder about that. And if it is the Lords will for us to move back before its sold, then I would look upon that as a huge blessing. If it is the Lords will for us to sell it, and become debt free by the money for the sale, then I would look upon that as a blessing. Either way - I am happy and at peace because I am saved by grace through faith and living by grace through faith in the blood of Jesus Christ. 


So what about you dear reader? Are there idols in your life, idols you dont percieve as being idols? Things that the Lord desires to bless you with, but right now He cant because you have ended up worshiping them instead of Him? Are you fighting against the Lord, fighting to keep them when you should release them to Him so He can give you what you really need and desire?


The Lord could have taken the house many months ago, He could have allowed it to happen and I would have lost it to the bank and we would now be sitting in a apartment that could have been to small for us, regretting what we had lost. We could be in a much worse place then what we are right now, and the truth is this, we would have deserved it. We deserve being there in a much worse place then this apartment we are actually in right now. But God is so good that He protected the house while He worked on us so that when He lifted the hedge of protection around the house we where happy to let it go. 


We did not deserve that, we do not deserve that kind of goodness, grace and mercy. 


The Lord blessed us with this wonderful and beautiful apartment, with a great landlord. It has everything we need, internett access, cable and everything to a reasonable price. We did not deserve that, but He gave it to us anyway. 


We did not deserve to be blessed with those two guys who did the move for us, they where so kind, understanding and willing to do what was best for us, but the Lord blessed us with them anyway. 


We dont deserve to have what we need in pyhysical strength to unpack our stuff so we can make room for the remaining items that are still in the house. We dont deserve to find good solution on how to dispose of all those empty cardboard boxes after we have unpacked. And we dont deserve to have our needs met, our bills payed, the rent payed and all our debt payed of. 


But we know that He has already blessed us, and He will bless us and meet all our needs. So we know we will have the physical strength, the money we need, the wisdom we require and our debt payed of and all our bills and rent payed. 


And a long the way, a few surprise blessings from the Lord. 


Not because we deserve it, but because we are saved by grace through faith and we live by grace through  faith in the blood of Jesus.


Thank you dear reader for taking the time to read this. I hope it blessed your soul and that it will inspire you to live by grace through faith in the blood of Jesus. 


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Published by Apostle Ernie