Yes, you read the title correctly. I want to share with you guys ways you can actually take advantage of your depression. Depression is normal. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE goes through depression at some point. I don't care how good or bad you may have it, life will always find a way to beat you down. And that's okay, because you can always fight back and rise up stronger than before you fell. We must realize that depression is a state of suppression and depressed emotions, thoughts, ambitions, and desires. We lose something of emotional value, lose interest in what we do in life, or become lost in this world. That's okay. We can find a way through. Everything I think of depression, I always remember the phoenix. Sometimes we must fall in order to rise stronger than ever before!  In this blog post I am going to cover 4 ways you can actually take advantage of your depression

     When you think of being in depression, the first thing you usually tell yourself is "well, it can't get any worse". Cool, use that! By telling yourself that, you actually eliminate the option of failure ruining absolutely anything. If nothing can get worse, than EVERYTHING CAN GET BETTER. Of course, you have to realize this is actually an advantage not a downfall, to which is why I am writing this. Sometimes during depression, you can/will take chances you never would have if you were in a "normal" state of mind. You can literally only succeed or stay the same, nothing worse. Perfect opportunity to take risks, because failure isn't and cannot be an option.

     Sometime when we are depressed it deals with being in a routine and believing life is too bland and pointless, we get injured and cannot do what we have passion for (my experience), or we start to feel like our hobbies become chores (when you have to keep pushing harder in order to progress or when you take your hobby too seriously). Time to take advantage of this opportunity and venture into different hobbies, interests, or activities. Are you an indoor person? Go kayaking, running, swimming, or just enjoy the fresh air. The point is to venture into stuff you normally would never do. For me, I took power lifting and working out way too seriously. I ended up with a, let's just say, VERY messed up spine and am now going through physical therapy. I still work out, but I ventured into other hobbies I really enjoyed such as what I am doing now, typing away on this keyboard sharing my experiences and life lessons with you all.

     A HUGE benefit for me with taking advantage of depression is being able to get over anxiety. Though not fully over my anxieties, I have came a long way and am happier than I have ever been with my social development. Going from not being able to order food at fast food restaurants by myself, to going up to strangers and making light conversation. When depressed you have a sense of "life doesn't matter mentality" and during anxiety you have a sense of "Oh no, something bad is going to happen" mentality. Some people develop depression and anxiety together (like I did at first), but after you learn to use one in order to help counter the other you learn to live more freely. So what I would do was, during times of anxiety I always have the "well, let's see what happens" mentality, because I honestly couldn't care less what would happen. I would start to do the things I was scared to do, because I had no sense of care on the end result. By the time my depression faded, I had a lot of experience with the things I feared the most, giving me less anxiety while experiencing the situations. To this day I still use the phrase "well, let's just see what happens" when my anxiety starts flaring up. Works like a charm every time.

    The last way to take advantage of anxiety is to realize you are depressed, because you feel lost. Maybe you feel lost without the person you love, lost because you have ceased to have interest in everything you do with your life, or lost because you do not know what to do with your life. Either scenario, one thing will always help....FIND YOURSELF! Find yourself, find what makes you happy, and set out to make life worth living. I myself have been stuck doing stuff I honestly did not enjoy. I have always worked out and always wanted to be a personal trainer because, hell, you get knowledgeable and good at fitness....why not make money helping others do so. The problem with that is I never enjoyed doing it. I enjoyed helping people, educating them on fitness, but the cold aspect of just getting them through work outs was unsatisfactory to me. I actually hated it. I enjoy actually discussing/speaking. I love to put philosophy, ideology, and emotions into everything I talk about. I rather give my work more meaning than just helping people have a nice body. I want to help people think differently about life and fitness. I want to help people, help themselves and help others. Life feels pointless without helping the world move forward, because when you are gone and when those people you got "shredded" are gone....that's it. Their fitness journey ended. But if you open the mind of people, if you teach people to inspire and help others, that will last forever. At least that is how I see it now. Find yourself everyone. You may be happier doing something and being with someone you absolutely never would have guessed.

     Depression hits everyone, but that does not mean you can't come back stronger than before. I always remember the phoenix when I think about depression. Sometimes......sometimes we must fall in order to rise that much stronger!


Published by Ahmed Jabai