A makeover does not necessarily mean replacing all cabinets and furniture in your kitchen. You can clean them and give them a new coat of paint. Your kitchen feels like a cave, that's because your cabinets are dark and tend to suck all the light out of the kitchen. But giving life to this does not necessarily mean changing all those pieces of furniture together with their drawers and cabinets. As long as the frames and doors are in good structural condition, you can clean them and give them a new coat of paint with a different shade of color and in order of a week to convert that sad kitchen to a very bright and happy one. A more viable solution since changing everything will cost you a lot more money and maybe sometimes it's not worth the trouble.

For this, today I am going to talk about painting kitchen cabinets. I cannot say that it is a simple task, but if you know how to do it, it can be very easy. Let's see if with what I tell you today you dare to do it, either DIY or hiring a professional.

There are many techniques to renovate the kitchen cabinets, but one of the fastest and simplest I have found is to paint it with spray. It may seem complicated but you will see how not.

When we think of Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting, the first thing that comes to mind is: how are we going to put everything! The pressure of the spray can cause the paint to scatter but having a little care and with some tricks does not have to happen:

The first thing to do is clean well the surface. For this, we must seal it with lacquer or with a layer of polyurethane, let the paint dry one day, sand, repaint and then apply the spray. A good trick if we want the new paint to shine or highlight is to apply a layer of white spray and let it dry before painting with the color we have chosen.

When we begin to paint we must follow a series of guidelines:

We have to shake the container for a minute before starting so that the paint mixes well and comes out evenly, without dispersing.

We must apply the paint at about 30 cm distance and by a slight inclination, with uniform movements. It is important not to concentrate the paint in a single point because in this way it will drip and the finish may not be the desired one.

We should not try to cover everything with the first pass. It is better to let dry and repeat the procedure for a second hand.

This system has many advantages: It is not necessary to wash brushes, you will take much less and in addition, there is a very wide range of colors to choose from. Cheer up! You will not regret it.

As you can see painting the kitchen cabinet is a quick and economical solution to renovate the kitchen completely. It is a simple task that everyone can do and the change will be so radical that it will look like a new kitchen.

I hope that now you have a little more idea about how to paint kitchen furniture. If you prefer to leave it in the hands of a professional to ensure a good result, contact us silverhomepainters.ca, we will be happy to help.

Published by Joseph Nicholls