Choosing the right on-hold music for your customer inquiry phone line is more important than you think. The music you choose will affect how your customers feel when they do get to speak to a customer advisor and also how long they are prepared to stay on the phone line for. It can also affect your overall brand image. Check out these four top tips for getting the on-hold music right.

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Choose complex music

Once upon a time, the status quo was to choose simple music, with a straightforward melody. However, it has now been discovered that the more complex the music, the more it engages the listener and the longer they stay on the phone. In fact, complex music has the power to slow time down too, so callers feel they’ve been on the line for less time.

Soothing music

The choice of music can affect how a customer feels when they do get through, and because the 
right music soothes and calms us, it's really important to choose something calming. This doesn't mean it has to be boring, soothing can still be complex, like soft classical which is said as having a very calming effect. This is very important if a large proportion of your calls are complaints.

Keep it fresh

The worst mistake you can make is to choose a tune or playlist and stick with it, making your company seem stuck in a rut. Change the music every few days and consider changing it for seasonal times (such as Christmas) or events such as Valentine's Day or the World Cup Final. To keep it fresh consider outsourcing to a music content provider who really knows what's the best music for business such as

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Choosing a genre

The genre you choose will depend on two factors; the demographics of your customers and the brand image you want to express. A tech company with a young customer base, for example, may well choose popular music, whilst an insurance company may be better suited to classical music. The third choice is the so-called 'mood' music, which is suited to almost every company.

Whatever you choose don't go it alone, a dedicated music provider can help you choose the right on-hold music for your company, and can manage the content for you as well.


Published by Sunil Pandey