There’s no woman on Earth who’s not afraid of waking up and discovering their pillow filled with hair. Leaving parts of your precious mane in your clothes, the shower and in your comb is very painful emotionally. The idea of having to style your hair in tricky ways just to cover up the fact that your hair is falling is very stressful. And getting stressed over your hair loss will only cause - guess what? - more hair loss! This vicious cycle can go on forever and ever, leaving you with weak and dull strands you can’t brag about. 

While hair loss can be a once-in-a-while situation, sometimes it comes and sticks around for a while. Taking up some useful habits and understanding the source of your hair loss is very important. But it’s even more important to know what is the absolute bestt shampoo for hair lossspecifically for your case. Once you learn how to pick it, it’ll only be a matter of weeks before your mane is back to its usual and shiny self. 

What is causing you hair to fall?
Your scalp is an extension of your skin. It has follicles, pores, nervous terminations and it does some of the functions that the rest of your skin does. Since your scalp is as alive as any part of your body, it’s prone to suffering from several types of conditions. Some of the most common causes of hair loss are: 

*Stress: As we mentioned above, stress is one of the biggest factors that promote hair loss. When someone is going under a lot of pressure or they experience a very traumatic experience, stress shows its signs. Being stressed pushes hair into the last cycle of their life, debilitating it until it finally gives in. 

*Deficiencies and imbalances: Our body is like a very delicate clockwork, every part of it needs to be synchronized in order to work. When hormonal levels are too low or high, follicles in the scalp tend to contract and free the hair from the pores. Another cause for hair loss is iron and protein deficiencies, both components essential in maintaining strong and healthy strands.  

*Dramatic weight changes: You might’ve heard somewhere that people who suffer from anorexia experience massive hair loss. While this is an extreme case, the truth is the body can’t handle very well drastic changes in your weight. Following a strict diet or dropping weight from a serious disease can cause your vitamin and mineral levels to drop. When this happens the organism thinks of it as trauma and makes your hair fall.  

*Styling and dyeing: Sorry to break this to you, but trying to embellish your hair might be exactly what’s causing it to fall. Hair dyes, relaxers, hot oil masks, and hot tool stylings are just some of the treatments that cause hair loss. Such harsh treatment thins hair and eventually damages follicles for good. 

Things to avoid losing even more hair 

So, it’s time to face the facts. At this point, you might’ve already discovered what’s the reason for your particular hair loss. Before you can move on to pick a hair loss shampoo , keep in mind some of these practices so you don’t do them again. First of all, you need to make so major improvements in your diet. High protein foods, vitamin, and mineral-packed ingredients and even iron supplements will assure you your strands will stay strong. 

Secondly, there’s your routine. Unless your scalp sweats a lot or gets greasy on a daily basis, you should avoid daily washes. Overwashing hair can dry it and make it more prone to breakage and falling. Also, comb it with extreme care, because wet hair is at its weakest point. Reduce the chemical treatments and hot tool stylings as much as you can and invest in special treatments once a month in your saloon. Another great tip to take care of your body and strengthen it is to give your scalp soft and gentle massages with your fingers at night. This promotes blood flow, thus allowing nutrients to reach the follicles better. 

How to choose the right hair loss shampoo

So, it’s finally time to know which are the formulas you should be trying on your scalp to make it regrow. Some experts say the best shampoo for hair loss must contain stem cell treatment or a derivative. It’s been studied for the past years that stem cell treatment can help individual hairs grow from scratch, even from damaged follicles. You can find the Abril et Nature Anti-Hair Loss Treatment which contains a shampoo and a lotion.

For people who suffer from greasy hair, it’s a big reality that hair is a bigger risk to fall than if it were dry. if this is your particular case, you can apply the MartiDerm Anti Sebum Anti Hair Loss Shampoo. Removing only impurities and grease, this shampoo leaves natural oils intact and strengthen follicles. This way your mane will feel denser, healthier and with more movement. 

If you’re running out of ideas -and hair- you might be looking for a quicker solution. The MartiDerm Anti Hair-Loss Ampoules act right from the first application to boost hair density and scalp adhesion. Not only do these ampoules slow down hair loss, but they also promote hair growth to replace the one that falls. 


This doesn’t have to be the hardest thing to do with your mane. Having strong and healthy hair can be a reality thanks to some good habits and great products. Remember, eating a clean and balanced diet, maintaining your weight, avoiding stressful moods and keeping chemical and heat treatments to the minimum are only half of the job. When you’re picking the best shampoo for hair loss think of your specific needs. Take a good look at your hair and your habits and incorporate your new hair loss shampoo to your routine. Don’t forget to use it at least for 8 straight weeks so you start seeing your hair shine like before!

Published by Shahbaz Ahmed