Marriage Celebrants become important factors when it comes to having a successful marriage. They are involved in almost every aspect of the planning and play a huge role in its success. A marriage celebrant is usually a person who subscribes to the civil law regarding the procedure of marriage, and who helps you out regarding the acceptance of marriage vows, registration process, and regarding the nurturing of your marital bond ion the best possible way.


What You Need To Consider:


1. Celebrants need to be able to work well with you:

While planning the marriage, couples usually try to add their personality to their marriage and get involved in other things while paying little attention to the ceremony. Planning a perfect ceremony can be a daunting task, which is why, having a celebrant who can work with you, to ensure that they ceremony brings out each of your personalities, while still maintaining individuality is important.

2. You need to be comfortable with the celebrant:

A marriage ceremony is one of the most emotional day of your life. If you want to be a lasting memory, it needs to be something you can relate to and can connect with. This is only possible if you are comfortable with your celebrant. You need to be able to share your experiences together to such a point where the celebrant can understand you, your sense of humor, the way you think and how you want the ceremony to be carried out. You must be able to discuss things openly and honestly with your celebrant not having a forced relationship. A successful marriage celebrant must have the art of convincing, accurate and audible voice, perfect way of public speaking, and he or she must be able to make your understand the genuine marriage values and adhere to them.

3. Ensure you have a contract in writing:

A contract or any document in writing ensures that you are getting what you expect from the marriage. This is in relation to the basics such as the date, the time, the location of the marriage and the fees involved. However, it can also involve some terms and conditions for other aspects of the marriage that will act as a clear indication of what is expected of everyone. This of course needs to be a signed contract from both parties. This contract must also include, apart from the standard cost of service, the travel costs and any other costs that the celebrant can bill you with.

4. Have a dress code for the celebrant:

Having the celebrant wear an outfit that clashes with the overall theme of the marriage is something you do not want. So, first, ask them what they plan to wear for the ceremony. Have them wear an outfit that does not make them memorable for the wrong reasons. What you must know is that a celebrant is bound by the Marriage Act 1961 - Section titled "Code of Practice". This act therefore, requires them to be client oriented. This means that every decision they take, they take with you in their mind.

Hence, it becomes even more important they the celebrant understand you and your thoughts. Only then will he be successful in accomplishing what you expect of him and of the wedding.

At the same time, the professional marriage celebrant must execute all his professional duties, and he must not be bound by caste, region, religion or sex while carrying on with the act of marriage fixing.

When you hire a good celebrant, you can rest assured that he will ensure that the marriage goes according to plan and you can have memories that last a lifetime.

Published by Jack Louis